Eddie Van Halen Guitar Methods

I'm gonna try to teach you a little about Eddie Van Halen. How he played, and what he played.

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Ok I'm going to teach you a little about Eddie, which could be impossible to cover all in 1 lesson, but I'm going to do the best I can. 1st of all I got a lot of my info from the video Guitar Method in the Style of Van Halen with Curt Mitchell. 1st of all let's start off with the chords Eddie mainly used.
e|--------|     e|--------| 
B|--3-----|     B|----5---|
G|---4----|     G|----5---|
D|----5---|     D|----5---|
A|--------|     A|--------|
E|--------|     E|--------| You can shift these
                            around anywhere on the neck
e|--------|     e|--------| 
B|---4----|     B|---5----|
G|---3----|     G|---4----|
D|---3----|     D|---4----|
A|--------|     A|---3----|
E|--------|     E|--------|
He playes these chords in just about every Van Halen Song (ex. panama, jump, when it's love. From the video I also learned that he solos a lot in the blues scale. He also pulls off to open strings a lot, to make it sound like notes are flyin everywhere.
Example: Eruption
        p      p     p
(the 7's are trill picked about 4 times)
Another thing that Eddie introduced was tapping. I always thought it was called right hand hammer on's on pull off's, but everyone calls it tapping so I guess I will too. Tapping is where you fret a note with your right hand on then hammer on (or pull off)2 or 3 notes on that same string. (bad definition I know but I think everyone knows what is is).
Examples: Eruption
---|: ^9^12-16^9^12-10^ :|: 8^11-16^8^11-16^ :|
---|: ----------------- :|: ------------------|
        Repeat 8 times       Repeat 8 times
That's where he's hammering on during tapping, this next riff is where he's hammering on, and pulling off during tapping. Hot For Teacher intro.
    t p p p h h    t p p p h h 
repeat 3 times    repeat 4 times
The next thing is speed picking (trill picking). Pretty basic, you just pick the note very fast.
Example Eruption:
full bend 
Each one of these notes is speed picked many times. Listen to the song to get the right timming. Well that's about all the techniques I can think of for EVH now I guess I'll give you some VH riffs.
Ain't talkin bout love:

Runnin With The Devil:

Panama Slow part:


Jump intro:
Well thats about all I got let me try to think of some other thing I can think of about Eddie. The intro to The Cradle will Rock is really a keyboard The Beginning of Poundcake is Eddie playin a drill on his guitar On 5150 Eddie uses a Steinberger guitar tremolo sysem which allows him to lock the bridge in different positions, changing the pitches of the open strings. His 5150 Guitar is a Kramer. He used Marshall amps before changing to Peavy. He has 2 concert Dvd's that I know of (Live Without A Net, Van Halen Right Here Right Now). Most of the Songs with Dave are down a half step, and most of the songs with Sammy are at regular tunning. He is the man. Well that's all I got to give. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. Don't give me too much crap this is my 1st lesson and I'm only 15. It probably wasn't too smart to put EVH as my 1st lesson, but hey I tried. Thanks, Jared.

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    Yah, i think that more than copying, he's just showing us how to use another guitar players technique. surely you've tried out someone elses technique on stuff, so leave off the boy! Nice lesson mate I will be using the tapping technique to try and master it
    dude awesome lesson screw all the damn idiots out there that its bad to learn another persons techinques.The more you know the more they dont know.peace!
    Keeper of shred
    You all suck who have poosted comments on this! Mastering other peoples techniques is all part of becoming a good guitarist and adding new things to your guitar vocabulary! You then build your own style from the stuff you have learnt. It's always good to learn of other people thats what they did! Think guys!
    I think you are exactly right. Take SRV for instance, he copied Hendrix. Van Halen has said that he used to play Clapton songs when he was first learning to play. I personally started with Kirk Hammett, I wanted to learn every metallica song. You have to imitate some of your favorite guitarists in order to find your own style.
    hey douchebags, cut this kid a break. he isn't copying eddie van halen, he isn't going to release an album with all of van halens tunes and make music. eddie van halen is probably he is idle, as he is many a guitar player, and he just likes to play some of his music. Say you enjoy playing highway to hell, does that mean you copy everything off Angus Young. I don't think so. Cut the kid some slack, just because he own's you at guitar at age 15 doesn't mean you need to cry about it. Keep rockin' Jared, i appreciated this article. Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest guitar players to walk this earth, and that is a fact. As someone mentioned before, you must learn to walk before you can run. Everybody has a guitar god that they try to be like, and improvise off of them. Everyone has guitar influences. Slash didn't just pick up a guitar and start writing paradise city and sweet child o' mine. You ***in' idiots, it's sad when you have to make fun of a 15 year old to get off. Rock on Jared. P.S. - EDDIE VAN HALEN OWNS YOU ALL ::HEADBANG::
    I noticed that after I said that, all you faggots shut your mouths. I guess that maxvcore, stpd1, and Nightmare405 all started writing their own music and riffs as soon as they picked up the guitar. Man, you guys are real impressive. I wish I was as good as you guys. So where can I purchase these albums of all your own material that you've released? Wait, do you guys even have any albums with your own material out? Didn't think so. You shouldn't be shitting all over a 15 year old for writing a lesson on how to play like Eddie, since you guys don't have anything to brag about. This kid likes Van Halen. I like Van Halen. I found this lesson useful and entertaining. I don't think I've ever met somebody who picked a guitar for the hell of it, with no prior knowledge of players or bands, and just started writing their own stuff. To everyone who told this kid to be original, that's just sad. Go be original and release an album then, ***head. Again, good lesson, dude. Don't be offended by these 35 year olds who get less women then you, dude. Keep on rockin'.
    yes, most people here are dumb. john frusciante writes songs and learns guitar from other guitarists. one needs inspiration, and where better to get it than from a master.
    Hendrix actually "invented" tapping, but used it sparingly (Guitar Legends , p. 65). EVH came along and took tapping to new heights as a way of embellishing his leads and making himself sound faster. Tapping isn't all that revolutionary... when I first picked up the guitar before long I was doing something similar to tapping. Guys, it's JUST a technique. EVH took what was already there and took it unto uncharted territory. By the way, I agree that EVH is the greatest ROCK guitarist ever.
    You know what...EVH is the trickiest guitar player on the planet and the best as far as i'm concerned. Even attempting his songs and getting half of his sh!t sounding right means you are on the right track to being a great guitarist. All I play is Van Halen stuff and I love it. All of my friends tell me to learn new music. hehe....i say no way, if you can play Van Halen you can switch to other music easily. Good lesson on EVH, it's hard to learn his style. But I guarantee you when you do, you will be one of the best guitarists your friends have ever seen. Rock on Eddie...your the KING !
    Whether you believe EVH is a truly talented musician, or just a showman who used complex techniques which lacked real feeling, the fact remains that he introduced and pioneered more techniques than any other guitarist - ever. You only have to listen to his masterclass, Eruption, to realise this. This track must have blown people's minds back in 79'. In just 1 minute and 42 seconds, he reshaped the entire style and approach to rock and metal guitar for the following decade (the 80's). The number of tricks to be heard are numerous: Whammy bar dips and dive-bombs, lightspeed tremolo picking, pinched harmonics, trills, and of course, two-hand tapping. It's one of the most exciting peices of guitar ever written. He may not have invented tapping, but who cares, there is definatly feel in Eddie's riffs and solos, and one killer tone. He took the blues and gave it a fiery, technical edge...
    Damn, when did guitarist become such jerks. Sure, Van Halen didn't invent tapping, I was doing it 2 years before Eruption was released. Witnesses say Hendrix did it. As to the big deal about playing 2 or 3 parts, the master is Stanley Jordon who can play bebop and 4 PART chamber pieces! But as to Eddie, it isn't his tapping that makes him great, its his feel and his flow. In fact the best I ever heard him play was an instrumental for some movie where he didn't tap a single note. As to those who don't think Van Halen is one of the greatest, lets hear what YOU can do!
    Goddammit, this article is here for learning, not for people to argue and rate it on the validity of learning someone elses style. Supposed to teach you how to play like Eddie Van Halen. Did it? Yes! Nothing like some stupid UG people.
    Just to end this (kinda) if you dont like EVH why are you reading a lesson ON him and then bagging on his technique...I love Van Halen...My first concert was Van halen (in '04) im 16 now and Eddie is literally the reason i even touched a guitar (its so hard to find a lefty floyd rose) Great Lesson Man...
    I can believe u are all arguing about how good EVH is. He is the shit and one of the best guitarists ever. And i also think that the ppl who said to do come up with your own style, most great guitarists are great because they once copied another person's style. Look at EVH, he used to copy Eric Clapton's style and look how awesome he is. Good lesson dude keep it up.
    rhcpcure2826: qb824280: not your friend troutboy: ur m8 sounds like he has no life HA! I WISH John Frusciante was 'my friend.' ever heard, of, i dont know, the GREATEST SONG OF THE 1990's??? maybe, the GREATEST ALBUM OF 1999? John Frusciante would be the guitarist for those. you are truly idiots. and just because evh INTRODUCED tapping does NOT mean A. He did it well B. He was innovative about his tapping; it grew gratuitous
    You obviosly dont know shit about tapping and technique. EVH is arguably the best guitarist ever.
    Hey every body, first of all, rhcpcure2826, you are a dip sh!t, evh introduced tapping, and he is the king (Even though he won't admit it), not your friend who knows how to play the fackin peanuts theme. To the writer of the lesson, good job, but for the record, the panama "slow part" is a little off, and speed picking is called tremolo picking.
    rhcpcure2826 what are you talking about??? How can you say EVH isn't good at tapping? Even if you are good enough to play his stuff it would be interesting to see YOU introduce such an extreme method that had rarely been seen into a mainstream style of music. And write the music with no musical teaching and perform them so fluently and effortlessly on stage. EVH is idolised for a reason! Even if you dont like the sound of his music respect his playing. And for the record i like Frusciante too he keeps music basic and has some cool riffs. Rock on everyone \m/
    Hey give the guy a break he's only 15. Sometimes you need to copy other people first before you start doing your own thing.
    what ru talking about dummy EVH came up with tapping fool sure satch and vai r more extreme but the last show i saw eddie his sound was as good as satches you dont have a clue and to little kid who did the lesson spend some money on a lesson GIT grad i know whatz really going on
    good job man!! don't listen to those idiots trying to keep you down
    the people at the top kept talking about copying other people and i don't know what they're talking about, thanks man i'm sixteen and i'm sure you're much better than me cuz i'm just a beginner but i know some stuff about music, and most of what u said was true.....cept ppl round here call tapping "fretting"
    paganini incorporated on violin a technique similiar to tapping so yeah um evh isnt the creator of some revolutionary method of playing a guitar. hell all it really is a form of hammer ons and pulloffs to accomodate players access to playing difficult or "impossible" runs by traditional methods. No its not a noob technique tho it is quite easy to learn the very basics and execute fast complex sounding techniques far before being proficient in traditional standards. People need to understand that music isnt a competition that shouldnt go past dueling some licks with other players for fun. I like evh but to me he was more of just a regular guitar player nothing spectacular cause I had been introduced to so many amazing musicians (shawn lane, rory gallahger etc) by the time I really listened to him. without a doubt he is a guitar hero and deserves the credit for being a huge influence on guitar, directly or indirectly. i also credit him for being an outstanding rhythm player which isnt as glamorous as lead but is just as important. in referrence to ace being in a "completely gay ass band who sold out worse than any other band in history" sure does get alot of kudos from some highly revered metal players ie dime and snake sabo and im sure there are more so maybe there is more to him than your conception, the beatles sold everything under the sun but does that take away from their legacy? eye of the beholder. nice lesson btw but whenever you talk about these guys someone gets upset lol. listen to music for what it is, dont fight about it, if someone is incorrect or mistaken point them in the right direction, suggest your preferences and listen to theirs you might find an artist or genre that could inspire you to be the next van halen or introduce you to some cool stuff you didnt know about. keep an open mind and your music shall never be constricted. just my feelings about the whole thing.
    Fantastic! I loved it and it's really helped me, ignore the ignorant critiques! Great job dude.
    I'm no expert, hell I've only been playing for a couple years and I'm sure 99% of you are much better than I. Sure I have favorites (Satch being one!) but I'm not going to say one sucks over any other. I admire ANYONE who has spent the time to learn! And to Guitar247.... good job! Keep on practicin and keep up the good work!
    Great lesson! don't listen to those douchebags telling you to play your own music. playing somebody's music isn't copying someone's style. WHO CARES WHO INVENTED TAPPING, THIS ISN'T ABOUT ACE FREHLEY OR HENDRIX. IT'S ABOUT A LESSON ON VAN HALEN'S STYLE!!!
    yeah....tapping.....is one of the first things i learned with my amp cause i wanted to play like the king (=VH=) and i just knew he played really fast so i started tapping (With extremely bad technique) and then im like....o He did that tooo.....
    EVH is one of the few shredders that is really musical and i love his song writing..he can rock a full song of chords too...listen to BEst of Both Worlds off the 5150 album
    dude your awesome this helped me i know most of eds shit but this is good thanks man
    KIds KIds why squabble? EVH is the inovator of tapping in his era, what we call the METAL YEARS..say it with me M E T A L Y E A R S..very good. EVH gave us AN EVH form of tapping...Randy Rhoads made it better... NUFF SAID!!! oh yeah to the teacher of this lesson way to go dude I appreciate any info on the guitar
    JasonFUSJ wrote: EVH did not introduce tapping, Ace Frehley was tapping long before Van Halen came out. EVH is one of the best, and no one can say otherwise. Good lesson kid, keep up the good work.
    maybe, but ace frehley was unfortunate enough to be in what turned out to be a completely gay ass band who sold out worse than any other band in history. van halen might have "sold out" with Jump, but that's NOTHING compared to all of the fcking KISS merchandise in the world
    Hey, to all those arguing to who's the best guitarist SHUT UP! The comment box is for talking about the article!!!
    Hey kid: congrats, you posted a lesson and you ended up with a forum thread!! but seriously... you're lesson was great. For all you punks out there who think he's not being original: that's the point! If you admire a certain musician and you want to sound like that person, the more you play they're music, the more like them you will sound when you start writing you're own music. But the other way works too. EVH says that he did not really listen to any rock music for inspiration. He just played what he wanted to hear, and Roth, Alex, and Anthony kept him pointed mainstream. Whatever you want to do for inspiriation is fine, as long as your music gets across the point that you were trying to express. If you want to sound like EVH, and you do, then you are a good musician. If you want to sound as unique as you can, that's a harder road, but if you can do it, you are a good musician too. Keep up the good work kid!
    also Eddie was at the time when eruptino was relased around 22 so your friend was not even in his diapers at that time and as innovative and original as eddie was its hard to belive your peanut friend should take any credit for learning how to do multiple finger tapping after its been around for many years
    electric blood
    whitebluesboy wrote: ok everybody needs to stop argueing, no one cares who invented what or who you think is the best guitarist or who sucks ass. and by the way for all you idiots here who chose to spend your time arguing, you might have been able to have come up with a good riff or progression instead!
    How bout it arguing on the internet is the biggest waste of time ever, go practice some Van Halen! Rock on!
    eruption is me
    ThePartyBoy wrote: hey douchebags, cut this kid a break. he isn't copying eddie van halen, he isn't going to release an album with all of van halens tunes and make music. eddie van halen is probably he is idle, as he is many a guitar player, and he just likes to play some of his music. Say you enjoy playing highway to hell, does that mean you copy everything off Angus Young. I don't think so. Cut the kid some slack, just because he own's you at guitar at age 15 doesn't mean you need to cry about it. Keep rockin' Jared, i appreciated this article. Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest guitar players to walk this earth, and that is a fact. As someone mentioned before, you must learn to walk before you can run. Everybody has a guitar god that they try to be like, and improvise off of them. Everyone has guitar influences. Slash didn't just pick up a guitar and start writing paradise city and sweet child o' mine. You ***in' idiots, it's sad when you have to make fun of a 15 year old to get off. Rock on Jared. P.S. - EDDIE VAN HALEN OWNS YOU ALL ::HEADBANG::
    i couldnt more agree
    You all know nothing if you think Van Halen is the best. Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhoads those 2 are real guitarists. So honostly who gives a **** if this kid is copying Van Halen all he did was put tapping out there Randy Rhoads was much better at age 25! Imagine if he had survived the crash and Zakk and him were playing together right now they would put every current and dead guitarist to shame. End of subject.
    im having a lot of trouble with tremolo picking, and i was wondering if anyone had any advice. Ive been playing guitar for about half a year now. I can play like the tapping part and stuff but i can't get the fast picking down. If anyone has any advice just email me. hockeypro53045@yahoo.com thanks
    this was pretty much identical to curt mitchells video. pretty good though one thing u forgot was the use of whammy bars and effects. By the way peter_2004 age doesnt matter man... some little 9 year olds still could kick the shit out of you shredding.