Expressive Bends

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Expressive Bends
Learn how to perform expressive bends: a simple way to enrich your playing and to get a little step closer from a professional sound.

1) What Is An Expressive Bend?

The theory is quite simple. Let's suppose you want to play the note D, the expressive bend consists in playing a C# and to make a quick half-step bend in the aim to reach the D. So, with those bends, the note that you play without bending will often be out of the song's harmony, that's why they're so interesting and also harder to perform than the regular ones.

2) When Will Those Bends Be Efficient?

Expressive bends find their place in music styles in which you can "play" with semitones (like Blues, Country, Rock N' Roll, etc...), and to me, they are very welcome during solos' fast part(s) because you will be able to make some note more nervous than the others while using interesting colours.

3) A Few Exercises.

The best way to accustom your ears and finger to those bends is to play a scale/song that you know well. - Firstly, you can play it bending only one note out of two. Ex: Instead of playing C D E F G A B, you will play B D D# F F A A# and bend B, D#, the 2nd F and A#. - Secondly, you can play the same scale than previously a half-step lower and bend every notes!
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