Extended Arpeggios - Sweeping Outside the Box

This is a way to get away from the typical "sweep shapes" that we learn and practice with, and get into some more advanced ideas.

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When most people start learning sweep picking, they learn a major or minor shape and play it to death. They practice until that shape is clean and fast, and then decide they're good at sweeping. I'm inclined to disagree with this assessment, because there are some far more interesting things we could be playing if we look beyond that basic, repetitive box shape.

In some ways, these things may actually use a completely different set of left-hand motions than the ones we train for the box shapes, which explains in part why so few guitarists go down the road of learning licks like these. I've heard maybe three or four guitarists play what sounds like this sort of thing, but the only one I've bothered to confirm is Jeff Loomis. Still, three or four people out of the countless shredders I've listened to is a pretty sad number.

The idea we're looking at here focuses on the idea that the notes of arpeggios are found in countless places across the neck, actually treating them like chord tones instead of just another boxed-up arpeggio shape.

To hear the lick, get a tab, and see some other ideas I haven't mentioned here, check out the following video:
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Thanks for reading/watching! Enjoy, and stay tuned for more.

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    You won me over as a fan with this lesson/idea. Where can I buy some of your music? Sorry, the Bandcamp. Derp. My bad. Awesome lesson though. Sweeping is wonderful but that same old boring stuff is hardly interesting. What you played was tasty.
    Chris Zoupa
    How the shit have only 3 people before me voted. 10/10 man. Great lesson!
    Thanks, Chris! Honestly I think I had the misfortune of this lesson getting accepted right as the NAMM coverage was kicking off, so it wasn't featured like my stuff usually is. Oh well.
    I don't login a lot here, but I had to just to say that not only is this a great lesson, but your channel is a treasure trove of great videos/lessons. I know this really isn't your area, but your professional advice would be great. I've used a Schechter S-1 Elite since I began guitar, but I'm afraid it provides me terrible access to my higher frets, especially when doing lead. Even when I got down near 19 for some of these sweeps, my fingers were getting smashed together. Do I need a goal of a new guitar at some point?
    Sorry I took so long before noticing this comment. It's fairly normal to find your fingers getting a bit claustrophobic on the highest frets, but from what I've seen of the S-1, it might also have a slight design flaw that makes it harder to get up there in the first place. It seems to be lacking much of a cutaway. So I'm honestly not sure. If you can, try heading down to a guitar shop and testing out a model with more room, and see if you feel any improvement. If not, it's just the normal crunch that happens at the top of the neck.