First Lesson In 2 Hand Tapping

author: Coda Guitar date: 11/07/2012 category: guitar techniques
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First Lesson In 2 Hand Tapping
We're starting off just using string 1 for this 2 hand finger tapping lesson. It can be tricky to switch between strings if you've never tried this technique before, so we're looking at how you can play different notes with both hands on the same string, to create different arpeggios. This technique is great as it's actually not too difficult to learn and you can soon build up to a fast speed with your tapping licks. It's a good skill to show off as a party piece, and also to use in full songs as it makes your playing sound pretty flashy! Arpeggios are simply notes from chords played separately, and they usually contain fewer notes than scales. Major and minor arpeggios only contain 3 notes so these are great to use when learning 2 hand tapping technique, as you can play 1 note with your picking hand and 2 notes with your fretting hand for each arpeggio. This lesson uses an Am arpeggio (A C E notes), to demonstrate different tapping patterns, and then introduces F major (F A C notes), and E major (E G# B), to create a simple 3 chord sequence. We hope you enjoy this lesson and if you do, please check out our site where you can find over 6 hours of free video tuition
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