Giving Your Acoustic A Distorted Sound When Playing Open Notes With No Equipment

Learn to give your acoustic guitar a slightly echo-ey distorted sound when playing open notes, without the use of sound changers.

Ultimate Guitar
This is a quick, easy, thing to learn. Although it does take precise finger placement. When your playing an open string that is above or below a note you are pressing on, lightly touch the finger from the closest note onto the open note you will play, this gives it a distorted sound becuase your finger will we touching it slightly, making it vibrate against your finger instead of open. here's an example of when you could do this, from the song come as you are:
When you play the open notes torwards the end, lightly touch the finger on the second fret against the open note. Hope you can pull it off!

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    Lavatain wrote: So you're what, playing harmonics?
    Neither harmonic or clean note. It just kinda strangles the open string, making it sound sort of "distorted", but since you basically decrease the amplitude giving it less space to vibrate, it should simply speed up in vibrations IMO