How to Turn Pentatonic Licks Into Sick Metal Riffs

Trying to get into metal? Here's how to take your basic muscle memory and apply it to metal.

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If you find yourself wanting to start playing more complicated metal riffs, but aren't sure how to go about it, one of the easiest places to look is the basic minor pentatonic scale, something I'm sure you've already learned but can't necessarily apply to your genre.

With some subtle note changes throughout the minor pentatonic scale, you can create something similar enough in terms of muscle memory, but different enough that it avoids that distinctly "blues" association which the minor pentatonic normally has.

If you'd like to see how this process works, take a look at the following video:

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Thanks for reading and watching, and enjoy!

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    I'm not sure if the problem is in my earphones, but still to me your guitar tone is horrible, it lacks substance and it's really muddy. As for the lesson itself, this is actually the first one of your videos I've bothered to check, and although the basic idea is fine, you practically showed us a single riff that uses a similar shape as a pentatonic scale, and you expect beginners to take something home from it? It's a nice idea and all, but you didn't explain it nearly well enough imo.
    I agree, not only that but it's completely devoid of any theory and it's clear that the instructor is completely clueless as to what he's actually doing... not to mention that vibrato what is it with bedroom metal player's and their distinctly awful vibrato? Wouldn't want to take advice from someone who has no idea what their doing, let alone with bad habits involving something as trivial as vibrato.
    from what I watched it looks like he just added the minor 6th to the minor pentatonic as far as the theory is concerned- I didn't watch enough to hear the vibrato so ill take your word that it sucked- what got me was that the tone was so muddy and it sounded like it was under water or something so I couldn't listen any more
    Yeah I usually like to watch this guys videos stoned, he's hilarious. That vibrato is horrible but I like that he doesn't use theory, I can't seem to get it.