Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios

Start thinking about some 7th arpeggios in a fresh way.

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Hybrid Picking 7th Arpeggios

Let's face it - sometimes arpeggios can become a little dull to practice. So, I thought I'd do my best to change things up and get us thinking about some 7th arpeggios in a fresh way. The benefits of this lesson will be:

  • Increased understanding of 7th arpeggios
  • Hybrid-picking workout
  • Finger Independence training
  • Hammer-On’s from nowhere a la Greg Howe

Today's example will be in the key of G Major (G A B C D E F#), and will include all 7 seventh arpeggios from the key:

  • Gmaj7 - G B D F#
  • Am7 - A C E G
  • Bm7 - B D F# A
  • Cmaj7 - C E G B
  • D7 - D F# A C
  • Em7 - E G B D
  • F#m7(b5) - F# A C E

Each arpeggio starts on the 7th of each arpeggio and ends their descent on the 5th of the arpeggio. Try practicing each arpeggio in the following ways:

  1. Play descending only
  2. Play ascending only
  3. Play complete descending/ascending arpeggio
  4. Play each arpeggio twice in a row with no mistakes
  5. Play entire page in order with no mistakes

There are many other ways we can practice these arpeggios, but this will be a good starting point. Be sure to overlap the arpeggios by always ending on the first note of the next arpeggio. For example, if you are practicing descending only, do not end on the lowest note of the arpeggio; instead, end on the next note that begins the ascent. This will ensure smooth transitions later when you practice putting it all together.

Watch the accompanying video, and, as always, let me know if you have any questions or need a greater challenge with these.

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About the Author:
Eric Bourassa runs a music school by day and shreds guitar by night. You can find him at his Fort Worth guitar lessons website, where he helps guitarists in Texas learn Cowboy chords and lead guitar improvisation.

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    Perfect lesson for me. I love country guitar, so hybrid picking will always sound good to me...but I've also been wondering how to add some melodic flair to my standard major country licks. Thanks for a great lesson!
    Love how this exercise brings multiple concepts together for a quick and satisfying end product. Also introduces a pretty fascinating way to look at 7ths in general that I hadn't thought of prior. Great job!