Improve Your Tapping With Joe Satriani's Song

Get better at this smooth-sounding technique and expand your guitar arsenal!

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In this lesson I'm going to tell you about tapping, which is a smooth-sounding legato-based technique that will enable you to cover wider pitch range through just one string. It uses a legato technique as a base, the only difference is that you do hammer-ons and pull-offs with your right hand also. In the video below I've covered a tapping lick from Joe Satriani's "Always With Me, Always With You". It's a great lick to use in order to learn or improve this technique in your playing. Remember about these things while learning this exercise: - in order to be able to do tapping movements with your right hand, I suggest using the second finger so you can still hold the pick between your 1st finger and the thumb; - while doing the pull-off with your right hand, think about moving your hand down towards the floor instead of lifting your hand up (this will enable you to make the note cleaner and stronger). The lick uses a simple 3-note pattern which is repeated through the whole sequence. As soon as you master it (it's explained precisely in the video) the rest will be a matter of remembering the frets you'll need to position your left hand on. Start slowly and make sure the notes are clean.
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