Learn How to Play the 'Addams Family' Finger Style Theme With Uncle Ben This Halloween!

In this video, your handsome Uncle Ben takes you on a finger style journey through his arrangement of the classic theme song from "The Addams Family"! Get into it!

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Hello children! Time for a brand new Weekend Wankshop here with your friend Uncle Ben Eller! Keeping with my Halloween horror theme (following our "Exorcist Tubular Bells" and "Halloween John Carpenter" theme song lessons), I'm here with a dope tutorial on how to play the theme music from "The Addams Family!" One of my absolute favorite watches every time October rolls around. The sequel, the "Addams Family Values," is also hilarious.

Get your acoustic out and get ready to finger style it up, this one is a hoot. It is based around a couple simple chords, with some tasty melodic embellishment. Not too hard to play!

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    He should do the Goosebumps theme!!!! But, really, the Halloween theme was cool enough to last me all season.
    Instantly started singing the theme song when he played it. The guest walking by at work looked really worried for a second.