Learn to Sweep Pick In One Week

A little motivational lesson for beginners about sweep picking.

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In my opinion, 90% of guitar players fail because their lack of discipline and believing in themselves. I got a solution - they should believe that it's possible to learn difficult thing like sweep pick in one week with very simple exercises step by step.

For example I took A minor arpeggio.

Day 1 - 70 BPM

We basically teaching our fingers to get tight-in-tempo legato. Pretty simple, huh?

Day 2 - 80 BPM

We are adding 2nd string to form some kind of sweep shape. And we're teaching our right hand to play this not-alternate-picking stuff.

Day 3 - 90 BPM

Adding 3rd string to form perfect 3-string sweep shape.

DAY 4 - 120 BPM

Same thing, but muting all strings. 30 BPM faster. Just to train your right hand.

Day 5 - 130 BPM

Same as day 3, but 40 BPM faster, since we already trained our muscle memory.

Day 6 - 140 BPM

Same as day 4, but for 5-string and even faster.

Day 7 - 150 BPM

Now let's try to play full 5-string sweep.

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    Not a good lesson. I think especially when learning to sweep pick it's important to practice the technique correctly. You need to play cleanly and the technique needs to be right. If you add more stuff and also speed it up at the same time, it just makes no sense. When you add more stuff, you should slow it down a bit. And I see no point with adding more stuff all the time. Why not just practice 3 string sweeps and speed it up when you feel comfortable with it? I would expect to hear very sloppy sweep picking if somebody who has never tried sweeping before did all these exercises. Picking hand technique is the most important when sweeping. Once you get the technique down, it doesn't matter how many strings you need to play. In a sweep picking lesson I would expect the author to talk about how to practice picking hand technique, not just what to practice. The "how" is a lot more important than the "what". Now you just gave us some random exercises. But you didn't tell how to play them. How long should you practice these exercises? What should you do if it sounds sloppy? What things should you focus on when playing these exercises?
    I think it's kind of unfair of you to post these comments when it hasn't even gone a week .
    Can you explain why it would be less unfair to wait a week?
    I'm just saying that you shouldn't judge it before you have tried it. Maybe it works, or maybe it doesn't (I don't know.) But you can't say that until you have tried it properly. And it's clearly you haven't, cause it hasn't gone a week since it was published.
    I'm surprised you don't see the invalidity of your comment yourself. Most people who are going to comment on this can already sweep on this level or are not interested in sweeping at all. In both cases, your argument makes no sense. Not saying that it isn't plain obvious that it's a bad, incomprehensive lesson.
    I totaly agree to what the others says in their coments. I've even tried the steps my self and don't find the sence in them. I just thought that it might been a successfuly method to learn sweeping basics. But i found out in an early stage that it was not the case.
    How does this pass as a lesson? Seriously UG, there needs to be some screening carried out to avoid stuff like this showing up on the lessons pane of the front page. Imagine if someone thought this was a [i]legitimate method for learning to sweep pick? They'd be beating themselves up when they inevitably hadn't turned into Frank Gambale after 7 days. But hey, at least they get to play the notes of an Am arpeggio over and over again for a week... although would they even know that cos it's never explained? It honestly seems like there's a couple of key paragraphs missing that contain all the important information (the theory, right-hand technique etc).