Making Stuff Up (To Match The Song You're Listening To)

author: giraffe_king date: 10/06/2011 category: guitar techniques
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EQUIPMENT NEEDED- - 1 Guitar (needs a full set of strings that must be in tune) - A song to listen to (has to be one you haven't heard yet) - Your brain (if you don't have one then you're probably not reading this) (brain needs some imagination and common sense) STEP 1 Listen to the song for a bit. Get to know how it sounds and feels. Try to predict what sounds are going to come next. For begginers this should take no more than the whole song. If the song's over and you're still listening, then we might have some problems. Advanced guitarists should take only a few seconds till they start rock n' rolling. If you're fully confident that you know the song then you're ready to move on to... STEP 2 Pick a note. Any note. Play it. It's usually good to start with the first or sixth string. If it sounds wrong, don't worry, move on to another one. You'll get it eventually. Once you played the right one, start playing the notes around it. Try to play in the same beat or rhythm to the song. That's right! Good, good. Find a series of notes(doesn't have to be a lot!) that when you play, it sounds good. Time for... STEP 3 Now that you found a tone that sound cool, you're getting pretty good with it right? Sounds like a real lead guitarist, right? You're starting to play faster and more comfortably. Well, you can't just keep playing that for that whole thing. Your audience will get so bored that they'll boo you off the stage. In STEP 3 you need to gain courage, you little coward! Don't be such a scaredy-cat! Once got the bravey, you're ready to progress to... STEP 4 What you do now is move your fingers away from your comfort zone. Just think like this, your comfort zone is EVIL! Move on to some other notes while your comfort zone sorts out its problems. Do the same thing that you did in STEP 2. Once you've done this, then you're probably not a dinosaur, you're probably awesome! STEP 5 Remember STEP 3? Well you have to keep on changing what you do so your audience doesn't turn into giant cat ninjas and eat you. Well of course it's important not to get eaten by crazy cat things, but another important thing is to not sound bad. That's the whole point. If you sound bad then that's bad. IMPORTANT- Make sure your playing still sounds good. It doesn't matter if your playing is now different from that song. All that matters is that you sound good. If the song playing in the background is holding you down, then turn off the stupid radio! STEP 6 It doesn't matter if the song you're playing doesn't exist or is too long or whatever. I believe that the whole point of playing guitar is to be free. I mean, to do whatever you want! Want to eat your breakfast while doing a solo on-stage? Go ahead. If you want to smash your guitar on the ground and light it on fire after a show? Go ahead! Bit of a waste though if you ask me. There are three parts to a song- the beggining, the middle bits and the end. STEP 6 is the end. Don't let your mind-bogglingly super impressive performance isn't ruined by a lousy end. It has to be awesome! That's why the last thing in a sequence is the ULTIMATE one. But, all in all, it's totally up to you. After all this is only bits of writing on the internet. If you really want to leave a googd impression, there are two ways to end your performance. Softly or LOUDLY! Try to build up your playing to the ending. EXAMPLE- get quiter and quieter with every note until it ends or get LoUdEr and LOUDER! *** AFTERWORD- Um, so, that's it for now. Remember, be awesome or else you may possibly get devoured by a giant cat ninja. Enjoy playing. -Seth
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