Modes Part 1 - Ionian (Backing Track + Tab)

author: KevinGoetz date: 03/06/2014 category: guitar techniques
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Modes Part 1 - Ionian (Backing Track + Tab)
The Ionian mode is the obligatory starting point for learning modes. If you've seen my basic lesson on intervals, then you know that this series is planned in such a way that we won't fixate too much on how "each mode is a major scale built on a different starting note of your major scale."

We'll get to that, sure, but not until we've learned the modes, treating them as their own unique individual scales with their own unique individual sound. That being said, we still have to start with the first mode: Ionian, which is, for all intents and purposes, the major scale.

We won't spend too much time on this particular mode, since we really only need it as a stepping stone to the rest of the modes right now. But we do need to cover it at least somewhat. So, check out the following video, in which I run through the scale, notating it in multiple forms and ending with an improvisation over a backing track that will really allow you to hear the character of the Ionian mode. There's a link to that backing track if you'd like to practice with it in the video, and in the description, you'll find a tab of the Ionian mode.

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