Palm Muting

This lesson will teach You how to palm mute correctly with ease.

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Alright, this is my first lesson, so don't be too harsh. Now, with a lot of beginning guitarists, I've actually noticed their defective palm muting techniques. They just smash their palm against the bridge and basically mute the strings. Not what you're aiming for most of the time, right? I learned palm muting early through a lot of trial and error. Sometimes I'd mute the strings, or even snap them. This is because I, like most beginners, don't fully understand how fragile a guitar can really be and was teaching myself. Well, I continued to do just that and I've learned a lot. So, I'll share. :] If you just press as hard as you can to palm mute, you'll cause damage to your instrument. You can bust your bridge, warp the body and neck, and snap a few strings. Some of those might sound like a bit much, but trust me, its happened to a lot of people I know. So be careful. To correctly palm mute a string, GENTLY lay the side of your hand picking hand ((the area from your wrist to your pinky)) directly on the bridge of the guitar. Now move it toward the strings just a LITTLE. Now strum. Sound right? :] Now, you can make the note sound a bit different depending on how hard you press. You needn't press too hard though, so be careful and don't snap a string like I did in '08. Notice that pressing a little harder gives it more of a...lets say 'chunkier' sound. PERFECT for Blues if you so desire. For palm muting practice, I suggest songs like Hitchin' a Ride and Basket Case from Green Day. Or just experiment with different power chords, there usually best to start with, aside from single notes. Once You get more advanced you can try it with sweep picking. A gread piece for this is Welcom Home by Coheed and Cambria::
Green Day - Hitchin' a Ride
PM.. .. .. ...  .. .. .. ...
Green Day - Basket Case
PM     . . . . . .     . .   . . .   . .   . .   . .   .     . .   . . .  .
Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home
PM .  . . .  .     
PM .  . . .  .                             .  .  .  .
I really hope this all helped! Please Rate and Comment. I'd appreciate it :] Tell me if I should do more lessons!

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    When I first learned how to palm mut, I practiced playing 'Whole lotta love'(led zeppelin) until I could play fluently.
    A step in the right direction for beginners. I didn't know that it could be that damaging... can't imaging palm muting that hard, lol. Palm muting was pretty much self taught for me and I always did it the "correct" way. Just heard about it, then just tried to get the sound and found that was the most comfortable way to do it. The lesson would be more useful IMO if there were a few pointers on taking the technique further... i.e. speed playing when palm muting, having a piece requiring palm mutes on each string, one that is on/off quickly (basket case is like that I guess). The examples that are there seem like good beginners material though.
    I taught myself to play guitar and figured out palm muting all on my own and didn't even know it had a name lol, never did i break strings though lol, honestly, how the hell did you manage t break strings by resting your hand along the bridge ? Were you smacking it ? I always just kept my hand in that general area all the time, when i wanted to PM i just rested my hand, no slapping or banging ever involved, I just find it funny you broke strings, please post a vid of how you used to do your PM's lol
    Thanks, all Lessons will help other Beginners. I have learned it with "Whole Lotta Love" BUT, i have more to learn it