Pentatonic Lines 1

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Pentatonic Lines 1
Hi guitar folks, Karlo here! A warm welcome to these lessons, I'll try to share some of the stuff I've figured out on my stringed wood over the years :) In this first date, I'd like to talk about our beloved pentatonic scale, five notes that made historical riffs and solos. But, being structured by five notes, sometimes it's easy to fall in the box trap and playing in the same position over and over again (finding ourselves sweaty and drunk, lovely hating the guitar in that moment). Let's take a G minor pentatonic:
As Einstein said, it is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education, so why not try to re-arrange these notes? The following example is a way to see the pentatonic in a more horizontal view, and it is pleasingly bubble-sounding:
Obviously, this is an initial idea, we can freely move these lines up and down all over the fretboard, skipping more strings etc. (creativity will do the rest). It's important to spend a few words about the technique used for this line. While ascending, most of the work is done by our left hand. The first finger is hammering all the initial notes (the pick will take a nap! ) while the right hand just tap the fourth one. Note also that the all the useless strings must stay quiet, so we have to be careful, muting them with the right hand. Coming down, we will do the opposite movement, tapping with the right hand the first note and pulling off with the left hand while releasing all the other ones. I hope that this idea can help you developing your own lines, see ya in the next date! Cheers, Karlo :)
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