Playing Arpeggios Fast. Part 1 - The Basics

Everybody's talkin' about arpeggios... and being fast! Here are few tips on how to play arpeggios fast & accurate with examples.

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I seen this from Steve Vai's arpeggio duel in the movie "Crossroads," then I feel happy and transcribed it then share it to you all.


The Element Of Practice: How To Get Fast. Most people out there are like me. They play guitar and they have dreams of playing as fast as Yngwie Malmsteen, john Petrucci, Steve Vai, Paco de Lucia (who is my guitar hero), Al Di Meola, whoever. Bu most of you, like I used to, are probably wondering: How the heck do those guys get so fast? One thing we know is that those guys practiced. If you wanna be good at guitar, you have to remember, guitar is a discipline! Try to practice everyday as much as you can. And it's not how much you practice, but how you practice that makes a difference. When you practice you must have some goals in mind. Mine are Get Good, Get Fast, Get Accurate (not neccesarily in order of preference). To get fast you have to practice accuratly! Let's say you're practicing your scales. You are obviously not going to be able play 16th notes at 200bpm's on a metronome on you're first try. So maybe you should start with 16th notes at 40 or 60bpms (for those of you who don't know, 16th notes means you play 4 notes a click on your metronome). Practice your scales slow to gain control over them. When you have control at the slow speed (getting ccontrol might take a week or two depending on how much you practice, and remember to have goood technique when you are practicing them) you can now go to a faster speed. This faster speed will vary but here is the limit: the faster speed should be fast enough that you are a little bit sloppy. So for a begginer you start off at 60bpms. Don't suddenly shoot up to 140bpms, you'll never make it. Go to 80bpms. Going up 20bpms is usually safe, you'll be a bit sloppy but not too much. So you are now practicing at 80bpm 16th notes. Your fingers might start getting a little tired so take a break. When you think you've practiced enough, go back down slow to 60bpm. Practice a bit here then go up to 70bpms, then you're done (70 should be you're comforatable speed, but like I said it varies). Within time, you'll feel 80bpm is to easy so you might want to shoot up to 100. If 100 is too fast, then go up to 90. It all depends. Just always remember to make sure you're playing is accurate-that's why you should practice slow, to gain control, thats what you hould be striving for, control. That's what classical guitar is all about. This getting faster technique works for just about any excercise whether scales, chromatic octaves, arpeggios whatever. You wanna be pushing your limit but don't over do it. Later, I'll put up more exercises to practice that will help you're fingers increase in speed and skill.

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    the tab is not his fault so shut the *** up.....copy and paste stop bitching about it good job
    ok you two ... the lesson was good... but im pretty sure its not such a new idea to say practice is the way to get fast... its more common scence...i think the idea that practicing slowly then working your way up... not new.. all you did was put it in perspective... so just stop... both of you
    the trooper
    if you hit "Print This Page" it elimnates the ads and you can reed it perfect you ass-licking crybabies.
    Reading these comments has been a great barrel of laughs...everyone keep yelling at everyone please. Otherwise, as stated, this lesson doesn't state anything that the average person should be able to figure out pretty easily on their own. Thanks for the tab though..
    You can just copy and paste the tabs into notepad and they are fine
    great text, whoever wrote it. but can someone please use some hammett licks! i'm too lazy to do it myself. aww...f-ck it, i'll do a whole lesson using hammett licks soon just to make myself happy. hammett is my jesus. and yes, i know he studied under satriani so dont start running off at the mouth at me for being a kirk fan. he isn't THE greatest guitarist but he is my favorite because of the level of dedication and emotion he puts into his solos. and you couldnt have a better soloist in a band with metallica's sense of dynamics. just listen to the solo on load's outlaw torn. very simple and to the point but so much raw emotion. you cant beat that.
    whenever you get a sh**ty tab like this great work of art here, it's because this person is probrably retarded, or is a tab hunter, posting his tabs over many sites and paying no attention to the margin width....
    bpm is beats per minute. a metronome is a device that clicks at a certain tempo to help you stay on beat.
    Why does this have to be so complicated all I want to learn is the solo to "Second Heartbeat" by Avenged Sevenfold
    Holy Shit! i was just reading these two sons of bitches whining about some god damn lesson. They spent six freakin months bitching about who did it and i couldn't help but shit myself=)
    dude that was cool, just one question, how do i play the arpeggios with a metronome. is it the same as when you pick eg 16th 4 times a beat
    That's what the new guitarists need to know 'cause most guitarists want to play fast like Steve Vai and John Petrucci [guitarist from Dream Theater] [They're most likely my guitar heros]. Thanks, Earlearl
    actually the tab is from pagganin's song i dont know what though. and about the whole motronome thing people like hermal li and one other who i cant remeber his name learn to play fast sweep by playing the same thing all day long in front of the tv . but the sure thing is that you must start slow in the begin
    to fix up the tab, you'd copy and put it in a .txt file, this works ok on my computer...
    yeh man u need to sort out the tabs, ruining what would be an excellent lesson otherwise
    Check I used the same username Guitarro777 to write that. If you want, give me a word or phrase and I'll edit that article on make the text appear on it. Go o search and type in element of practice
    HEY!! To fix the tab: 1. Left-click and Drag to select the portion of the tab that you want. 2. Once it is highlighted, right-click on the highlighted part and select "COPY" 3. Launch a text editor such as Microsoft Word 4. When Word opens, start a new document and slide the Margin markers at the top of the page all the way to the maximum margins 5. Right-click in the empty document and select "PASTE". 6. Save the document to your hard drive. This will fix the tab issue and you'll have a copy on your drive.
    i don't own a metronome or really understand the jargon,but its true speed and acurracy come from gotta assimalte it into your brain and muscle memory before it becomes confident and natural-feeling.i'm stuggling with a similar problem on the computer keyboared as i am new to the high-tek world
    Hey! Who stole this from me! THe text from this lesson and part 2 was something that I wrote on! I demand to speak to the one who did this and didn't even give me credit for it!
    You 2 gonna shut up already? Nobody gives a toss who wrote it. Pretty good though.
    guitarro7777: you stupid shit..that was my lesson about a year ago..youre so dumb, that even my past lessons, you cant even get it sorry for such a slow learner like you...
    Hey people who want a metronome can either get there arse to the shop and its cold this time a year and pay how ever the much they cost Or. Download a free one www.http://www.hit squad.c om/smm/ no need to thx me people. just remember me when u have that money left in ur pocket.
    that lesson is almost a decade now...everybody has done that tab..not only you...youre so conceited that you think your the only one who can pull that vai trick off...sorry...
    umm no you moron. After I saw this on this site, I decided to go back to guitar tricks since it was a loooong time since i had been there. I noticed that I had mispelled some things so I went back and edited it. So that last time I edited "my" thing was a a few weeks ago after I saw THIS. THIS TRULY pisses me off.
    hey stupid. I just saw something. I just went to guitartricks to go see what you saw and here is what it says: here's the link so you can see for yourself http://www.gui t php?PHPSESSID=a3fbb867581 9383cf17c3acb5a1384eb&inp ut=element The Element of Practice:What to Practice 2002-12-16. The date on this article is:2003-11-24 This is almost a year after mine was posted. Kinda funny how you just made a fool of yourself ThroughBeinCool. So keep your mouth shut until you're sure you know whats gonna come out of it.
    dude get over it! i don't think anyone wants to read anymore of your whining....the lesson is pretty good though good tips and it helped me out thanx
    yur right pennywise I apologize for any offensive things i said. I shall now stop my whining. BTW look out for some lesson i submitted to be posted ont this site in the future.
    I"m not talking about the tab. I'm talking about the text. So to prove once and for all that the TEXT, not the tab, is mine, everyone please go to this link: http://www.gui ta p?trick_id=5741 I know I said I'd stop whining but now that I'm confronted by the "creator" of this I have to make one last stand. 0000409D claims this trick including the text is his. but is it? Check out the link and compare. You decide.
    huh?! guitar tricks is such an old site and even all the hosts their get their lessons from other hosts their, so if you really think you have what it takes because you keep on bragging your shit, well just a post lesson that you really did that really takes other players to another level specially advanced ones, and i hope your in that level, but from the way you brag, i guess you just aint good just what i have thought.