Power Chord Accuracy

This lesson is designed to help improve your accuracy with power chords and bar chords, along with many other chords and techniques.

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This does not teach how to play power chords. I am assuming that you already know how to play them. Here I'm going to give a couple basic exercises for improving your barre chord and power chord accuracy (being on the right frets). It may take a bit of practice and time, but it will definitely help, Even if you're great with power chords. Let's start with a very basic exercise. (In regular tuning, NOT DROP D)
e) ---------------------------------------------
b) ---------------------------------------------
g) ---------------------------------------------
d) -3--4--5--6--7--8--9--8--7--6--5--4--3-------
a) -3--4--5--6--7--8--9--8--7--6--5--4--3-------
e) -1--2--3--4--5--6--7--6--5--4--3--2--1-------
Above is just a very simple movement up and down the neck. You can bring it up further if you would like, but just make sure to practice this multiple times to get started. Start slow and try to be as accurate as possible, and to have your fingers perfectly on the frets. Also make sure that you push down hard for full sound (the harder you push, the more exercise your fingers will get, making them stronger). Get faster the more you do it, without messing up at all. Here's another one. Still very easy, but a little bit more difficult than the last one.
e) ---------------------------------------
b) ---------------------------------------
g) ---------------------------------------
d) -3---5---6---8---10---6---5---3--------
a) -3---5---6---8---10---6---5---3--------
e) -1---3---4---6---8----4---3---1--------
Practically the same as the last one but a little harder. This one can help you get a lot better by going further up the neck. Also you can try doing it by not going from 3 to 4 on the E string (and 5 to 6 on the a and d strings. You get the idea), but going from 3 to 5 and keep skipping every other fret. Make sure to start slow, then gain speed as you do it more. CHALLENGE- try to do this moving up a string every time you complete it. EG. Once you go from the first power chord to the last, change to:
e) ---------------------------------------
b) ---------------------------------------
g) -3---5---6---8---10---6---5---3--------
d) -3---5---6---8---10---6---5---3--------
a) -1---3---4---6---8----4---3---1--------
e) ---------------------------------------   ETC.
One more that's not necessarily easier or harder, it's just different. \ = Slide
e) -------------------
b) -------------------
g) -------------------
d) -3\5--4\6--5\7-----
a) -3\5--4\6--5\7-----
e) -1\3--2\4--3\5-- ETC. 
e) -----------------------
b) -----------------------
g) -----------------------
d) -3\12--4\13--5\14------
a) -3\12--4\13--5\14------
e) -1\10--2\11--3\12-- ETC.
This one is just a bunch of sliding. Sliding your power chords accurately can be quite difficult at first, but with practice can become an easy thing to do. Sliding power chords far up the neck usually isn't used in a whole lot in songs, but it's always good practice. Don't forget to try to get faster on all of these. Now let's try to play a little riff out of power chords:
e) --------------------------------------------------------------
b) --------------------------------------------------------------
g) --------------------------------------------------------------
d) -2----5----2----7----2----5----7------8----7----5----2--
a) -2----5----2----7----2----5----7------8----7----5----2--
e) -0----3----0----5----0----3----5------6----5----3----0--
    X6   X2    X6  X2   X6   X2   Hold   X2  --Once--Once--
                                 4 beats
Practice doing that over and over again, until you can do it very quick without messing up. You can change the frets that this is played on also if you want to. Try making up your own riffs out of power chords. I Hope all of this has helped you get better. If this is too easy for you, well then it's probably not meant for you. Please don't leave comments saying how easy it is. Expect more tabs from me soon! Sorry if it's too easy or not very good, but this is my first ever lesson to do. Also you can make up your own exercises, these are just bases to many more. You can also send me some suggestions on further lessons if you want to. Thanks for reading!

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    Gods Guitarist
    1st off, I misspelled bar in the barre chords, sorry. 2nd off, barre chords are very similar to power chords, except you use your whole first finger to cover each of the strings, but with power chords you just press the first string. 3rd off, i'm not very good at this! this is my first ever lesson! like i said in the lesson though, this is really meant for begginners. sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for the comments.
    Why are you referring to power chords as 'bar chords'? First of all, there is no such thing with that name, it's Barre chord, and second, barre chords are not the same as power chords.
    This is a really good exercise; when I want to warm up on power chords I play Iron Man by Sabbath!
    A good song to practice power chord accuracy is Mouth for War by Pantera... the chorus and verse riff are very good to learn so you can build accuracy and speed... listen to the song to get the rythm then look up the tab here on this site...
    Kid Ares
    Nice lesson but basically it's goin up and down the fret as fast as possible
    its barre chords and theres none here :/ i mean i dont need help with them but i wanted to check, there good power chord practice but thats all.
    this is a decent lesson for beginners and for everyone you can bar the strings with your ring finger so this is a barre chord lesson too
    Gods Guitarist
    i just figured out that when i copied and pasted this onto the lesson uploader, it left out some words... i tried to resubmit an updated version of this but it was denied.
    TDG Tabs
    basically all the power chords are the same. there's no variety in the chords you use. i would change them up, make some chords higher up the neck. overall it was ok 6/10
    I agree good job, there are others out here that do not know these things, try to remember no one is at your own personal level so be cool about this bro. And even more, if this does not suite you create your own lesson or move on!! Peace.