'Ride The Lightning' by Metallica Guitar Solo Lesson With Chris Zoupa

Enjoy my step by step tutorial of Kirk Hammet's classic solo from "Ride The Lightning" by Metallica.

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Through the kids I teach at my school and people I've met on YouTube and Facebook, I got so many requests for this solo! I can't believe I never took the time to learn this one. It's actually one of Kirk Hammet's best. There's a seriously ridiculous amount of win in this solo! Here's a break down of the sections that may be problematic. First of all, tuning: (Standard) E A D G B E

Section 1 Tips:

This section starts with some pretty fast triplet taps. I just practiced getting the pulse correct on my right hand first. You can just tap 8 quavers per bar then try add the left hand in. It's really important that the pulse of the taps is right so that you stay in time. Might be worth brushing up on some simpler tapping licks and exercises. "One" by Metallica is good and of course Van Halen's "Eruption" is another great one to look at if you want to build up your tapping chops.

Section 3, 4, 5 & 6 Tips:

These 4 sections are played predominantly in the F# minor box shape between the 14th and 17th fret. F# Minor Pentatonic:

It's all basically fast, 2 finger legato in semi quavers (or sixteenth notes) over that pentatonic box shape. The positions and shapes are fine however it does jump from a straight semi quaver feel to a quaver triplet feel at times.

Section 8 Tips:

This section is working with relatively slow (by comparison to the rest of the solo) triplets ascend down some pretty simple shapes across 2 string. You'll want to make sure you've got enough power in you legato and also try not to listen to the notes too much as some of the note choice is kinda weird as it kind starts in B Mixolydian / C# Natural minor then jumps half way to E minor ... Sorry to be such a picky and thorough nerd. To all the haters out there I must make one thing clear ... I LOVE KIRK HE'S AWESOME!

Section 9 and 10 Tips:

These two sections are very similar with shapes phrasing and emphasis. It's super important to know where the pulse of the picked notes and hammer ons are taking place. I dare say these sections are relatively manageable as they are merely simple ideas played quickly. It's all essentially 3 note arpeggios across 2 strings, so none of it is too ridiculous. Have fun with it guys! Check out my video lessons on this also! RTL pt1 (Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4)
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RTL pt2 (Sections 5, 6, 7 & 8)
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RTL pt3 (Sections 9 & 10)
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