Setting Yourself Apart

author: Aliens-exist182 date: 11/29/2011 category: guitar techniques
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Scales? Yeah sure they're great to practice and all, but playing them over and over till you can play them fast enough to convince yourself you deserve a little self esteem is a tad...Tragic, in all honesty. Not going to lie, this was me, about 2 years ago or so. I was convinced I wanted to be the fastest, most theoretically aware, flashiest...Did I mention fastest? Player in the world. Oh how deluded I was, sitting in my room for 7+ hours a day mindlessly running through scales and sweeps, hoping I would somehow create some new, exciting music that people would want to listen to. The big awakening I had was when I started listening to this little band you may have heard of, 'The Dillinger Escape Plan'? Yeah so as I sat there listening to the utter chaos that was drilling into my eardrums, scrambling my brain and confusing the hell out of me, I realized, 'Hey, this is really, really amazing, unique, exciting, and quite frankly, a little scary. So since that fateful day, I decided, instead of trying to fight my ADHD that I've struggled with since I was a child, why not just channel all these racing thoughts and 'hundred mile an hour' ideas onto the fretboard? I couldn't give less of a $h1t about the Hendrix, blues, BB king wanna-be's out there who'd criticize it and say 'it's not music' and crap like that. It excites me, and a number of other people for that matter. Labels like 'Extreme Metal' 'Mathcore' 'Grindcore' are just sort of guidelines to the sort of thing I'm talking about, but think crazier, more individual, more adrenaline pumping. That's what I strive for, and I just want to get the message out to some younger players and aspiring beginners out there that, you don't need to be an amazing mind or fretboard wizard to make fun, exciting and erratic music that people secretly love to listen to. It feeds a part of our human instinct, Impulsitivity. If you're not interested in making music that's never been heard before, and have yet to have the epiphany of 'Oh my God, why am I trying to play all this cliched bull$h1t?' Then feel free to umm...Leave some abusive comments on how dumb I am and stuff? Yeah? Cool, can't wait. Below is a tab of a song I wrote the other day to sort of give an example of the style/idea I'm trying to convey. It's just a little demo I composed in like 5 mins to give you an idea, you know? Haha. So Much Worse On The Way Back Down.
     E  E  E  S  E  E  E   E  S      S E    E  E   E    E   E  E    S   
  S E   E    Q    E  Q    S    S. S Q    Q    E  E  S.  
  T E  Q      E   E   Q    S.     S. E  E  S  E  E  E  E  S.  
  T H        Q    E  S T    Q    S  S  S  S E   E  E   E   
  S  S  S  S  S   S   S  S   S  E.   E    E     E    E.   E   S  H          
                \4 \6/                                      
  E.   T Q      E  Q.     T    Q    S. T S. E.  T Q    T T  
Yeah mad stuff. So if you're skeptical of my ideas and vision, or interested and want to hear more about it, just leave a comment or whatever, Love, hate, it's all good, seriously. So this was a very, very stripped down version of what I'm trying to say/convey. Hopefully I can share some more of this stuff with people, depending on if this is received well, because to be honest, I've never seen any lesson like this on UG. Ok so yeah, let me know guys, hope you like it.
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