Skwisgaar Skwigelf Style Alternate Pick Exercise

Skwisgaar Skwigelf has a picking pattern he uses to warm up - here's the full exercise on it.

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Hey guys. I'm a huge "Metalocalypse"/Dethklok fan. I noticed Skwisgaar has a picking pattern he uses to warm up and decided I'd make a full exercise out of it. The exercise works with triplets across 2 strings. The aim is to build up speed and accuracy during string changes and to be able to do it across multiple mode shapes.
That's the first shape. Watch the vid and check out the tab for the full exercise.
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By Chris Zoupa

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    This nothing short but amazing. Both the idea and the exercise! This will bring home all the GMILF's!
    certainly mores thans thoses grandspas guitars
    Great lesson. Legible tab, decent video, lesson is short and straight to the point overall. Nicely done.
    Great lesson. Will be working this into my regular practice routine. Thanks man.
    I know it's not impressive, but I started at 75bpm and worked up to 100 bpm in an hour. I'm coming for you 150bpm!
    Isn't there a Skwisgaar instructional video on one of the DVD releases? Wouldn't be surprised if this gets removed shortly, I mean, most Dethklok tabs on UG get barred.
    'xander vasil
    I'm pretty sure that the first bar of this is a lead riff from "The Somberlain" by Dissection.
    that's a weird way of picking you got there sir, reminds of Van long as it sounds good, no problem with that
    Skwisgaar is ams dick, but he's is good guitars playerskksksusss.
    Good exersize, this is very sweedish medal, in fact I believe its the exact riff from Arch Enemys "out for blood" bridge section.
    do I really need to start it slow? I was able to start playing that at 120bpm without problem. What I'm asking is, if I start practicing my alternate picking/speed at higher bpm will I have problems later or?
    Start at whatever speed you can handle, and just do it every day! In a month or so, use a metronome to see how much faster you can do it. You'll be amazed! No though, you don't have to start super slow if you can handle a faster speed in the beginning.
    Hey thanks for the answer! I'm already practicing this every day and using a metronome too.
    I know this is just an exercise but could somebody take each pattern and explain what scale or chord it is based off of?
    It's all in G major, if that helps. As for modes, you could say the first pattern is in E aeolian, then the next one in F# locrian, then G ionian and so on.. but then these could easily be harmonised in multiple ways.
    So why does this site hate on Dethklok?
    Velcro Man
    It's backwards...Dethklok has all tabs removed for copyright and shit, I guess because of the tab books.
    Yeah, but they also take down songs that aren't even on the albums (or tab books). Even stuff like Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls gets taken down.