Sweep Arpeggios. Part 2

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Once again, unless you have taken a look at my original lesson, Sweep Arpeggios, or are advancing to 6 string sweeps, I suggest you turn back to the way you came. But first a quiz, this is Theory you know. If you already know the names of all the sweeps, what are the names of these sweeps? They have the form of the sweeps in my first lesson, but are at different places on the fret board. Excerpt from "Alaska"
Answer will be in the comments. The entire range of the sweep can change by going from 5 string sweeps to 6, take 5 string D Major
And 6 string D Major
They're close, but that's the difference between a dog and a wolf, and a cat from a Panther. Now for the Actual lesson, I'm sorry about all that BS, but you got to know this kind of stuff. For almost all of these sweeps you have to know how to roll your fingers over the fret, like with this. These kinds of sweeps are not Cheat Sweeps, unlike what some people play. Almost a majority of sweeps use that kind of form. If you say It's it cheat sweep, it might be, but lets see you try to get the same sound out of a different sweep.
But now onto actual Arpeggio forms and names. I suggest playing each arpeggio slow, try to get a feel of where your fingers should be at, and gradually speed up as you go. E Minor
E Major
D Minor (I Prefer playing these one's in Drop D, Sounds cool)
D Major
This is a Sweet Lick that breaks down 5 string D Minor
This sweep is from 6 string D Major to 5 string A Major
These next sweeps are difficult, and are just a Compilation of what this lesson and the previous lesson should have taught you. You can either hammer-on(h) or Slide(/) wherever you want on the top of the arpeggios, whatever lets you play it better. You can play them seperate, in pairs, or the whole thing, It's just a bunch of ideas for sweeps.
 (5)D Major       /   /(5)A Major                /   /(5)E Major(With add-on)
  (6)D Major  I like to call this and interval sweep\/
/   (5)A Major                     \       (5)D Major
OOMFDA! There's lots of stuff that you have to know about sweep picking. It's not an easy skill to learn unless you think you can learn it, Unless you finish something to the end it isn't worth Starting. You wouldn't want a toilet with no flush, or a computer without a screen, would you? Just practice the sweeps I've got here for a while, print them off, work down them, work up them, just learn something. Questions, comments, Praise? Post here or email me.
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