Sweeping for Non-Sweepers

This lesson will jump start learning sweep picking.

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This lesson is all about building your sweep picking chops from the ground up. So many people skip 2 string arpeggios and go right to 3 string, but I like to start people with simple 2 string arpeggios so we can truly build the mechanics needed.

Each lick zones in on different areas of sweep picking as we build a full 5 string arpeggio. Also each ship can easily be moved around to different keys so that they can be used in many different situations.

So remember to start slow and learn the lick. Then incorporate a metronome. Play with a relaxed right and left hand this will give you the flow you need for sweeping and use right hand muting to clean up any unwanted string noise.

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    Not really into sweep picking atm, but I always check these for the "deal with it" intro.
    Hey man, thanks for the lesson. Aside from the cool playing, how did you get that awesome Strat tone? Are those stock pick-ups?
    Hi there and thank you. Yeah this are the stock texas special pups that came in the guitar. For the tonew I’m using a patch I created in the Axe Fx.
    Thank you! I didn't think I would be much into it, until I understood the "sweep" meaning. I was doing the notes only, without the technique. It helps play much faster and it is kind of effortless.... after mastering the technique. Will practice again and again!
    jeannettapond · Apr 12, 2016 01:32 PM
    Great lesson thank you! I've been intimidated by solo's / sweeps for so long, but this will help me get started.
    Remember, it's just a way of quickly outlining a set of chord tones. Too many people get sucked into this misconception that it's just wanking endless major or minor stuff.
    Thanks for the lesson. Sweeping is something that I still struggle with. I've gotten it to a somewhat respectable point but I'm wondering, how much should you rely on the right hand muting? Because for me it seems like the only way I can sweep cleanly is to lightly mute with the right hand.