The Alternative To Bar Chords

author: hawknelson date: 08/15/2012 category: guitar techniques
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The Alternative To Bar Chords
Power chords are fun and simple. I use them sometimes as an alternative to bar chords. There are three strings being played in a bar chord. Those three strings are the E, A, and D strings (4, 5, & 6). Bar chords are hard to explain to in words, so I mad a tab chart to show you how to play power chords.
E Power Chord           F Power Chord    
x|                      x|
x|                      x|
x|                      x|
d|2                     d|3
a|2                     a|3
e|0                     e|1
Those are only examples of two power chords on the low E string. Keep moving up fret by fret and there you go. You can also do the same stuff on the A string with the same three finger pattern. But once you get to the D string, things get complicated. Check out this helpful chart below.
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