The Best Alternate Picking Exercise - With Kevin Goetz

This one single way of practicing alternate picking will improve your technique faster than any other.

The Best Alternate Picking Exercise - With Kevin Goetz
Hey, guys! Kevin Goetz here again.

Today's lesson is an absolute game-changer for your alternate picking technique.

In terms of speed, accuracy and comfort, I'm prepared to make the claim that there is literally nothing more effective than this.

I won't waste your time with unnecessary hype, though - check out the following video and see for yourself.

About the Author:
Kevin Goetz is a music teacher by trade, with a focus on empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a living as a musician. This includes everything from technique, to songwriting, to marketing, to audio engineering, to even the mentalities necessary for success.

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    Chris Zoupa
    Man... He doesn't even look like he's trying. His shred style is amaze balls! He's got a sweet solo on my solo album if you guys wanna check it out!
    very true, to a greater extent, any group of 5 also is cool