This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Barres and Barre Chords Suck!

Strap in with Uncle Ben on a magical journey through the world of barres!

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Hey Suckamaniacs!

Uncle Ben returns, here with a brand new lesson for you all about beating the snot out of barres and barre chords.

You abysmal barres have been scaring chicks away from you since the day you first tried wrapping your mitts around an F. You've gotten a jihad put on you, your stepmom cut off your allowance, and your guidance counselor refuses to even speak with you, all on account of those busted barres you drag around. But don't worry, Uncle Ben is here to help!

In this episode of TiWYSaG, you're going to learn everything you need to know to master the ancient secrets of barring, from small 2 string barres all the way up to mammoth 6 string beasts, then wrap up with a handful of tips and tricks to help you score with whatever kind of barre it is you're working with.

Grab thine sharpest axe, and sit down for a spell, and get ready to be blasting barres all over the face, neck, and chest of anyone within earshot. ICHIBAN!

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    Wow. Apparently I suck less than I thought. I guess I owe that to living a couple years without a capo.
    My teacher was actually smart and taught me good barre technique, but everyone I've talked to and/or taught have always told me how "impossible" barring is. This is a lesson that people will benefit greatly, good job Uncle Ben!
    This was a rad video, man! This was basically what my guitar teacher and local hippie at the guitar shop told me. I do the thumb thing, which is probably bad form, but eh. Rock on!
    Barres have come pretty naturally to me. Might be that I played in a black/death band for a couple of years. Lots of big 6-string barred chords and stuff.
    That was Great I learn something new every time I watch a bar chord video, but I still SUCK I need to watch this another 10 or 15 times Thnx.
    I can't....I didn't even learn anything because I could see through the tears welling up in my eyes.