This Is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Hand Synchronization Sucks!

Go on a magical fun romp with Uncle Ben for the secrets on how to get your hands in sync with each other, thus improving your rhythm and lead playing, as well as earning the respect of your stepdad back!

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This Is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Hand Synchronization Sucks!
Howdy ho, Shredi Knights! It's time to start off the new year the right way by cleaning up those nasty hand synchronization issues you've got with a brand new episode of This Is Why You Suck at Guitar, here with Uncle Ben Eller!

Whether you're playing a brutal James Hetfield Metallica rhythm part, some blazing Yngwie Malmsteen arpeggios, or some tasty Paul Gilbert alternate picking licks, those mitts HAVE to be in perfect sync with each other. I see so many players who will have good sync at low and medium speeds, but once they cross a certain speed threshold, their hands just start moving "fast," totally losing time of the song and getting the hands way out of sync. Dudes are especially prone to doing this with the picking hand.

But don't fret! I'm here to help you stop sucking!

We're going to learn a little about the most popular high speed note subdivisions (16th notes and sextuplets) so you can start feeling the pulse of what you're playing, even when it's blazing fast. A good carpenter needs to know how to measure things, and so does someone wanting to build a better lick.

After that, I'm going to show you a mental organizational tool called "chunking"! I've been using chunking for years, but never put a name with it until I watched Troy Grady's godlike "Cracking the Code" series on YouTube.

I'll show you how to use chunking and your newfound note division knowledge to get both hands tight independently, then working together. You'll also learn some cool tips and tricks along the way to help you earn the respect of your stepdad back. OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

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Thanks so much for watching. 2016 is going to feature a LOT more TIWYSAG videos, so let me know what you want to see!

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    I just love how uncle Ben is always including those highly important facts such as bad hand synchronizing is the leading cause of divorce worldwide. Yes, this man is going to save a lot of marriages with this lesson. God, how I love his lessons!
    My wife kicked me out of the house, but with uncle Ben's help, we will get through this tough time.
    Oh by the way I had a spider show up last spring in the middle of a song. He came down from the ceiling and hung right in front of my face for a couple of seconds then fell to the floor and took off towards the door. Boris the Spider! But I didn't smash him...
    Eye opener! I am a good bass player but guitar was not so good. I had a friend in my youth who was phenomenal (early 70's) in fast leads and absolute tone tastiness. I believe he had an innate sense of what Ben the uncle is teaching here, his lesson confirms my idea that great guitar players all have these "chunks" built in from an early age. I hope some of these kids listen to this and take notes, nothing worse than unsynchronized hands.
    I play the bass in a band called 868. We are still in the "woodshed" so to speak. This video was a definite eye opener. We have timing issues at critical points sometimes when the song is fast. With some practice using Uncles method, I think we could maybe play in front people soon! (No I wasn't paid to say this even though it might sound like it!)
    Great video. love the spider. The detail he puts into explaining why and how is what makes this video eye opening for a guitar player.
    I agree ....I have the same problem...makes me want to put a gun in my mouth...(SO TO SPEAK)
    theres a million reasons i suck...hell i dont even know where to begin..i just hack away shamefully.
    I have never seen this series before, but this guy is hugely entertaining and very informative, you've earned yourself a follower. TEACH ON MY MASTER.