This Is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Sweep Picking Sucks!

An in-depth, all-inclusive lesson video on why your sweep picking sounds terrible!

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An in-depth, all-inclusive lesson video on why your sweep picking sounds terrible! Part 4 of the legendary "This is Why You Suck at Guitar" lesson series.

In this video, you will belly laugh your way to guitar mastery as you learn about the distinct roles of both hands in sweeping, and how to combine their powers into arpeggios that are hotter than the tail pipe of Yngwie's Ferrari.

I cover ALL aspects of the technique, including super secret muting tricks with both hands that other lesson videos always neglect to mention, and keep you entertained along the way. Thanks for watching!

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    Dude, I thank you so much for these lessons. I completely 100% agree with your intro talk about how most instructors expect you to know how to hold a pick properly just by observation without actually feeling the need to teach and/or give tips on left hand technique. It is a blessing to have someone who will take the 20 minutes to really analyze and go through the whole entire technique right from the get-go. Look forward to more of your videos!
    satyam 29
    Totally agree wid u man. I always knew there was some secret to it. Finally i now know it...:
    I don't sweep.
    Hello, my name is Andrew and I sweep. I sweeped a couple of times a year ago, just to try something new, you know. Now I sweep every day, my girlfriend left me, friends turned their backs on me and I got fired from my job. Sweep is not a solution.
    Great lesson! That full/empty approach facilitated the reconciliation between me and my wife. Our future children salute you!
    Didn't have time watch the entire thing but I'm definitely gonna check your stuff out soon!
    I have no idea if there's anything more to say about sweep picking, just to show some more patterns. anyway, that's a really great lesson, thanx man!
    I didn't know my mom was good at using her wrist. How do you know this? (Don't answer that)
    Last Twango 2
    Can I just say that I think your lessons are brilliant. You`re a superb communicator. And you`re hilarious. Thanks. signed, an old guitar teacher. LT