This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Tapping Sucks!

Join your good pal uncle Ben Eller on a rip roaring romp through the tremendous technique we call tapping!

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Greetings, Suckamaniacs! It's Uncle Ben here again, with a delicious dish of a lesson just for you, Eddie Van Failin'.

This week, we're going to take a look at the technique that's been known to drive many a young Shredi Knight mad, TAPPING! Tapping isn't just something your dad's friends do to a keg of beer or your mother, it's a really cool technique to add into any solo to add a touch of class and kick some a-s. EVH, Vai, Satriani, Bubbletrousers, Malmsteen... All hunks that tap in their solos to drive chicks wild. And soon, so shall you, Timmy!

We're going to cover the Freemason Secrets of Tapping here, talking about the basics of picking hand hammer on's and pull-off's, arcane secrets of left hand muting, and even some right hand muting tricks that are going to make your tapping sound cleaner than a really clean thing. Yes, THAT clean!

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So grab an axe, and scope this out, young one, and while you've got that booty in a seated position, go add me on Twitter and Instagram @BenEllerGuitars! And If you'd like to book some one on one Skype lessons with me, drop me an email here:

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    His intro to the "Your Sweep Picking Sucks" video is hilarious! Edit: The whole video is hilarious...
    I never tap when i try to learn a symphony x song i skip the tapping part because i can't tap. tapping is the hardest thing to do alternate picking and sweeppicking is easy but tapping is hard to learn
    Alternate picking is easy. You're kidding about sweep picking though, right?!
    Sweep picking is one of the easiest techniques to perfect. All it takes is learning the basic clean sweep and doing it over and over and then speeding it up. Techniques like tremolo picking, legato, and tapping can all take way longer to integrate into your playing and to sound clean.
    and you can also use a hairband to mute the strings while tapping to get it cleaner
    Hmm, good lesson. Maybe some runs to practise would have made it top! Oh, my question for next time...Why does my alternate picking suck?
    When I do tapping, I push down towards the higher strings instead of the inward motion he does, and the left hand muting technique really makes sense with it.
    With my right hand my natural motion to "pull off" is down. should i make myself unlearn that?