Trash Metal Spider

author: daniel.kPL date: 03/21/2012 category: guitar techniques

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This mini lesson will show you the technique commonly used In trash rhythm guitar, and I've called it a trash metal spider. So, what's it all about? Try playing this : The example lick
   E E E E E E E E E E
It's all in straight and steady eight-rhythm. Now, play it again and look at your left hand. Check if you are changing positions, from II to III, and notice which fingers you use to play power chords. If you slide your hand, this lesson is for you. The whole concept is to play that riff (or any other which uses this form of chromatic power chord progression) without changing position that means you have to play the first power chord (F#5 in the example) with your first and third finger, and the second one (G5) with your second and fourth finger. Looks pretty simple, but it's not so easy to make it in 180 bpm, huh. Try pulling it out with legato or little arpeggios on two strings. Play some of the riffs I've made for you to practice, and think out some your own! You can find mine on the bottom of this page. Remember, the point of this technique is not to change position when playing this kind of lick. So, in the example lick - play F#5 with fingers 1,3 and G5 with fingers 2,4. No hand movement between positions! Start slowly, and don't speed up until you're sure that it's perfect. That's all for tonight, folks that was short, but mastering this will take time, so stop reading this and go practice! Peace! (If the image is too small, download it,and print) PS Also, if you liked the lesson - comment, rate and like my facebook profile here, I'd be pleased! : Daniel Kaczmarczyk
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