5 Iconic Guitar Licks Every Guitarist Should Know

There's nothing better than learning that lick you've always heard the legends play. Here are 5 must know licks for many reasons.

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5 Iconic Guitar Licks Every Guitarist Should Know
Here are 5 licks from 5 different Icons of Rock & Metal. These are going to take us on a ride through a variety of techniques. And it just feels cool to play these licks. They are all from famous solos that you have probably heard or even wanted to learn.
  1. Mr Crowley by Randy Rhoads (tab, guitar pro)
  2. Stairway to Heaven by Jimmy Page (tab, guitar pro)
  3. You Really Got Me by Eddie Van Halen (tab, guitar pro)
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long by Angus Young (tab, guitar pro)
  5. No More Tears by Zakk Wylde (tab, guitar pro)
So what do you say we learn a few licks from the rock gods themselves!

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Lick #1

Lick #2

Lick #3

Lick #4

Lick #5

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