Carol of the Bells Guitar Lesson

Carol of the Bells is a great piece to learn over the holiday season, and this acoustic finger style arrangement is also fun to play!

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Carol of the Bells Guitar Lesson
Carol of the Bells contains some very memorable melodies and is a great festive piece to learn over the holidays. I have included TABs on screen in this fingerstyle version:
YouTube preview picture

Theme 1 contains a simple four note melody that repeats over changing bass notes of A G F E. The second part of theme 1 is a harmony of higher notes that also repeats over these bass notes. In the video I use my thumb to grab the low F note, which makes things easier to play overall.

Theme 2 begins with a high A note (slid up to on the 5th fret of the high e string) and descends down to a lower A note (2nd fret on G string). The bass notes of theme 2 change into D A E A, repeated twice.

Theme 3 contains a nice little ascending scale run over a low E note and ends over a low A note. The nice thing about most of these bass notes is that they are played as open strings, making much of the piece easy to play after a little practice.

I hope you have fun learning and playing this acoustic version of Carol of the Bells, please check out my youtube channel for more video lessons.

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