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Nice country music licks, tricks and turnarounds.

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Somone reqestd country lick so here are some. I don't know if they could be considerd to be "standard" but I enjoy them. Mail me if you got Q's and please post your'e own favorite licks.
  Rhythm in E , Travis style

E  1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &      Same pattern in A
e---------------------               e---------------0--------------
B------0---------0----               B-----2----0h2-----------------
G------------0h1------               G------------------------------
D------2-------2------               D-----2------2-----------------
A---------------------               A--0---------------------------
E--0-------0----------               E-------0----------------------
RH     3          3
   p   p   p   p

G-run (Play fast but accurate)

3rd finger picks G-string pick on the rest
rihgt hand fingring            3rd

ending in A
Damp with righthand palm directly after bend go for a snappy sound (chicki'n pickin'n)
rh           2nd     2nd
      p         p       p
This is a little lick I G in Jerry Donahue style. First pick G on the D-string bend up a whole step with your 3rd finger (you have to bend the string downwards toward the floor) and catch the G-string release the D-string bend and at the same time bend up the G-string a whole step, keep both strings ringi n, pick the notes om the B-string with third finger, snappy and fast.
       Let ring through out
I use pick for the D-string and my second and third finger for G and B strings. (Tele style picki n). Heres a nice ending lick in the style off Jerry Donahue. This is another lick in which you bend and catch, in this case the G-string up a whole step catch the B-string bend it up a half step, at the same time release the G-string. Then put yuor 1st finger (left hand) on 7th fret A-string pick it and then bend behind nut with right hand bringing it up to the root (G)- Let all notes ring as long as possible and use pick for D-string and fingers for the others(some time I use the pick on the other strings to, whatever works is good). Finger all notes on the 5th fret with your first finger, use half bare, and I use the 3rd finger for everything on the 7th fret but you may also use the pinky for the last note on the e-string.
G------5-h 7 b (9)=====r-(7)========================-----
A--------------------------------7b(behind nut)-(10)-----
You could use slides to play this licks, looks like this.
The glissando version sound simular to the bent one, a player like James Burton would probably use the slide lick. Use right hand hammer for the A-string. Try to let notes bleed into eadh other. Listen to James and Jerry. Since there are people intrested in stringbenders, hipshot, parsons white, here s a Nashville styled pedal steel lick for B-bender guitar.
      Csus4              C
e---3==================--6-5 3-------------------------------------------
B---3-b(with bender)-(5)=======------------------------------------------
G string with pick e and B w fingers, the last three notes on the e string are playd "snappy". Moving the lick up two frets gives you an D lick. Try playi'n the lick in diffrent positions. For exampel play in G, F, and C swiftly after each other gives a nice pedal steel E9 tuning sound.

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    Hey thanks, I was kinda curious about country and how its played, since all I really play is metal. Intereasting stuff, not my cup of tea, but good to know. Thank you ...
    Jess Burner
    not a lot of cowboys on this site, are there? maybe a few from hell but that's it.
    It would be good with some theori of how you make country music
    This way you can still try to understand. I haven't read this lesson yet, I'll do it now, but I heard country is played mainly with notes around the chords it's being played, somewhat like bluegrass. Also country players use chicken picking a lot... But that's no news right? Rock on
    i use a compressor sustainer some reverb and a delay pedal to get my country sound. Glad to see more interest in country music on this site!
    +1 Matt One of John 5's best songs was a cover of a country song (Sugarfoot Rag) and he just spiced it up a little With Country music you metal players can use these techniques and licks to help your soloing and improvisation
    yatezy wrote: contry music sux
    Goddamn stop making a fool of yourself, you can't even spell 'country' or 'sucks' for that matter. IMO country is one of the most interesting and complex styles on the guitar, and I don't think it gets the recognition it deserves. John 5 has to be my country influence, some of his stuff is just insane ('Pear of anguish', 'Gein with envy' etc.).
    Most anything I play is country, this helps a lot in showing how to alter my major pentatonic patterns for the bluesy-country scale. I'm trying to find an article on ways to get that poppy "country" sound without having a Tele. From what I've gathered so far I'm looking to set my up to give me more emphasis on the hi notes and throw a compressor and reverb in the mix, correct?
    From what I gathered on the fingerpicking part was just finger picking on the blues scale, someone lettme know if i'm on the right track, please thank you.
    okay i am completly dumb founded when it comes to all this i dont know what half of this stuff means is there any way you could help me out?
    Jess Burner wrote: not a lot of cowboys on this site, are there? maybe a few from hell but that's it.
    lol Pantera
    It would be good with some theori of how you make country music
    I agree, very confusing. Some nice sounding stuff there though. Really tryin to master those bend-an-catches but theyre hard as hell. Seen John5 using a few of those techniques, wish I could do em
    average.They're definately not standard licks which is interesting but sum of them sound a bit weak.
    ya thats what i have been told the only thing is that i just got a vox avt 15 with a bunch amp settings and effects wich seem to interfer with getting the twang sound. There is a way to switch from preset to manual but it seems as if the preset ample model dial still effects the manual setting (defeats the purpose). Thanks for your help. One day i will figure this all out or get new equipment
    i just figured it out, via my friend who only plays country since its usually used with steel guitars, you'll want to set the equilizer up so that the middle is most distince and followed by treble so like treble- 6 middle - 8 bass- 4 it gets kind of stretches the sustain out so that when you go into your next note you still hear the ring then add reverb and you are good rock and roll man
    rather than country lick's, I was wondering how to set up my fender stratocaster and amp for country tones... please help
    WHAT!?!? No double stops? Country soloing should have lots of double stops. I love making licks with both thirds! yep, play it! 3b,3,5. as a set of triplets! you that you got it, you CAN'T stop throwing it in everywhere!