Fundamentals Of Metal

author: UG Team date: 07/31/2003 category: music styles

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Table Of Contents 1.Introduction 2.Influence 3.Technique: -Power Chords -Slides -Fill ins -Hammering -Palm Muting -Check Lesson Pages for more techniques 4.Warm-Ups 5.Style 1.Introduction. There's a reason that you picked this lesson and it is so that you can learn Metal, heavy metal, classic metal, nu-metal, death metal, techno metal anything mixed with metal! 2. Influence. First of all, any particular Metal bands that influence you? Do not say anything like KoRn or Limp Bizkit because thats hard rock. I'm talking about Metal bands. First of all, go ask some friends if they have any good Metal CD's. Listen to them, try to play their songs, try to also find out what are the influences of that band too! Bands that influence my band called "Masokist" are Meshuggah, Megadeth, Slayer, and Old Skool Metallica. Though I don't use a seven string guitar I think Meshuggah is my big influence, because if you heard "Choirs Of Devastation" the song proves that Meshuggah has alot of talent, the solo just lifts your soul to heaven (not really so don't be listening to it thinking you're goin to heaven). Though I sometimes don't play Lead, I once in a while do make some solos too. And if you're a beginner, please don' start off in a band, wait a couple of years or months (depends how much you practice everyday) then you can start your band. 3. Technique Section. - Power Chords. First of all, power chords are very common in Metal. I can think of any metal band that don't use power chords (If you know any who don't please E-mail me at Now here is the Intro of "Expendable Youth" by Slayer
pm. .  .   . .   . .    . .  .   . .    . .

pm. ..    . .    . .    . .  .     . .     . .
Note: That this tab may be wrong, but I figured it out like this, and it sounds just like the actual version. - Slides. Ever heard that riff that almost evryone would know, ever heard of Black Sabbath "IRON MAN"

Or also Slayer "PostMortem" Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb
l--7-------8/7----7/ 8-----11/10--------8/7-----7/ 8-----11/10--------8/7-----7/ 8--l
     pm...     pm       pm       pm...       pm      pm        pm...      pm

- Fill Ins. Though there is nothing to tab here, Fill Ins are very important in metal. Ever heard Meshuggah's "Choirs Of Devastation" where one guitarist is playing a palm muting part meanwhile the other one makes an ambient sound using Volume pedals and multiple distortions on to produce feedback. Fill ins are one of the fundamentals of metal providing heavier sound and quality... (I mean who likes to hear Heavy Metal without having 2 guitarists playing in the same time, its like having another guitarist for no fucking reason. And through my opinion any metal should have 2 guitarists, so if you're forming a band; also try to bring a friend along. - Hammering. Masokist "Satan'as Ungerus'sa" Translation in Armenian: "Satan is my friend." Tuning: Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb. Play 3x
pm. . . pm . . .
Then after that
This is the third songs me and the band made, we released it to MP3. com so people can hear us. People say our songs sound more like Meshuggah than all the other bands we claimed influence to us. Check us out at: Http// - Palm Muting. Well in here there is nothing to tab, because palm muting is already shown on the tabs, but here's a cool Palm Muting Riff Metallica "Master OF Puppets" Palm Muting Riff also AKA "Spider Part" This whole riff is done by palm muting |----------------------------------- |----------------------------------- |----------------------------------- |----------------------------------- |-----2-----3-----4-----3-----2-2--- |-0-1---0-1---0-1---0-1---0-1------- pm_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |-------------------------------------------- |-------------------------------------------- |-------------------------------------------- |-------------------------------------------- |-----2-----3-----4-----3-5/4----5/4---5/4--- |-0-1---0-1---0-1---0-1---3/2-0--3/2-0-3/2--- pm_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

pm_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
This riff is known as "Spider Part" because if you look at yourself on the mirror playing this riff its looks like if your left hand is crawling like a spider. And if you wanna impress someone who is really good, play this riff. Most people have problems using their pinkies, so this is also a good riff to strenghthen your fingers. - Warm Ups. Though I do this one all the time before I start playing and before performing:
the 5h9p5 is done by the index and pinky, so don't be using your third finger for all cheaters, cuz if you do it with the index and third; you will never gain anything. Check the lessons site at for info on warm ups. Well I pratically used all time precious time making this and I hope you enjoyed it. E-mail me if you have questions, comments, or for information about my band Masokist; my e-mail address is:
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