Heavy F--ing Metal. Part 2.5

author: guitar_jew date: 12/14/2009 category: guitar styles
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This is going to be short, and it won't cover anything new, but if you learned the 'modes' from part two, You Must Read This And Understand That I Made A Mistake. And a big one, too. I suggested that playing the major scale from a different position (i.e. starting on ii, iii, IV, V, etc.) constituted playing modally. This Is Not True. To quote 'Myshadow46_2' "The author has described modes as 7 patterns\positions\shapes on the fretboard. Those aren't what modes are. Check: Mode sticky Ultimate Guide to Guitar. Diatonic Mode Theory Ultimate Guide to Guitar. Diatonic Mode Practice If you'd like to understand modes a little bit more. You'll need to have at least the major scale, intervals and chord construction down before I suggest delving into modes." To right the wrong as easily and simply as I can, what I showed were simply positions with which to play in G Major. They are not modes. I can not apologize enough for this mistake. Thanks to all who corrected me and my incorrect description of modes, and again, I am horribly sorry for all the people who read my previous article and learned wrong information. I'm going to double check the information from the other (unfinished) full article to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. Again, terribly sorry. Thanks for reading.
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