Heavy Metal Examples

Some exercises and examples which help you to play Heavy Metal.

Ultimate Guitar
Content: 1. Palmuting 2. Powerchords a) Standard b) One finger c) Inverted 4. Alternate picking 5. Harmonics 6. Octave chords --------------------- 1. Palm muting. This is self explanatory. Lay your hand on the strings (closer to the bridge. The closer you are to the bridge the clearer the notes.) This is a riff from Slayer's Dicsiple. Palm muting is rep by pm. and dots: E|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| D|-------------9-----------| A|----------------8-7------| E|-000-000---------000-000-| pm....... ....... From Megadeth's Go To Hell: E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-2---------/7---2--------/6--2---------/5--2---------/4--2---------/3-| E|---3-2-1---------3-2-1-------3-2-1---------3-2-1--------3-2-1---------| pm......... .......... ........... .......... From slipknot's disaster piece: E|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|-----0-------1-----0-2-2-0-3-1-| D|-00-0--11-1-00-0-2-2-0-3-1-----| pm... ... ... 2. Next section is just as common power chords are used in ever genre of metal. Here are some riffs utilizing them: Metallica Enter Sandman the * tabs are power chords...theyre moveable: E|------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|-2---/7--------2---/7-------2---/7-------5-4-5-4-5-4--| E|-0------5-6---0------5-6--0------6-5--3-0-3-0-3-0-0-0-| * * * ************ Chimaira's Cleansaton: D|----------------------------| A|----------------------------| F|----------------------------| C|----------------------------| G|-0-4-3--0-3-2--0-4-3--0-3-2-| C|-0-4-3--0-3-2--0-4-3--0-3-2-| (in droped tunings power chords may beplayed with 1 finger barreing the fret across the E,A,D strings) 3. One finger chords: From Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction: E|--------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------0h1p0-| G|-------------------0h2p0--------------------------| D|--2----1----0-------------2----1---0--------------| A|--2----1----0--------------2---1----0-------------| E|-----0----0----0-------------0----0----0----------| pm . . . . . . From Slayer's Seasons In The Abyss: E|---------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------2------1--| A|-----------------------------------------2-------1-| D|--0-2-3--0-2-3-5--0-2-3-0-2-3-5----3-0-------------| pm.............................................. .... Inverted chords: Well i dont know any off hand riffs so...here is a primer: E|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|--------------------------3-| A|--1---5---1---4---------3---| E|--3---5---3---6--000--------| pm ..... 4. Alternate picking is a must when you encounter fast rhythmns or solos simply stroke up and down. Here are three good alternate picking exersizes to build up your chops: E|-----------------------------------------------------------------0-1-2-3-4-3-2-1-0-| B|----------------------------------------------------0-1-2-3-4----------------------| G|---------------------------------------0-1-2-3-4-----------------------------------| D|--------------------------0-1-2-3-4------------------------------------------------| A|--------------0-1-2-3-4------------------------------------------------------------| E|-0-1-2-3-4-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-1-3-4-3-1-4-2-4--------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------1-3-4-3-1-4-2-4------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------1-3-4-3-1-4-2-4----------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------1-3-4-3-1-4-2-4--------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-3-4-3-| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------12---------------------12-----12-----------| B|-12-13-15----15-13-12-13-15----15-----15-13-12-13-14-15-| G|--------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------| 5. Harmonics....there are three types of harmonics used in metal. Natural harmonics: simply lightly touch over a fret to get an interesting tone when picking it here are some natural harmonic riffs: Drowning pool sermon: E|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|-------------5*-5*----| D|---------5*-------5*--| A|--5*-5*------------5*-| D|----------------------| (harmonics noted by *) Chimera Dead Inside: E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------333--444-| A|-00-1-0-1-0-3---5*--00-1-0-1-0-3---5*--00-1-0-1-0-333--444--------------| Korn Good God: D|--------------------------------------------------| A|----------7*-------7*------------7*------7*-------| F|-------5*------------7*-------5*-----------7*-----| C|-----------------------------------------------7*-| G|--------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|-1-0--------1-0---------1-0--------1-0------------| Pinch harmonics. To do these fret the note and add the tip of the index finger to a normal pick attack. Pictures in the gold room by Chimaira: D|-----------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------| F|-----------------------------------| C|-----------------------------------| G|------------------3/5-5-5----------| C|--2(ph)p0--00-------------3/5-5-5--| pm ... Slipknots Disaster Piece: E|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|-----------------------------| D|-----------------------------| A|---2(ph)-0--3-4-1------------| D|-----------0-3-4-1--/6--8--9-| Chimaira's Stigmurder: D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| F|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| C|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------5p4----------5p4----------5p4-------------5p4----------5p4--4*(ph)-| C|-00000-------00000------00000-------00000000------00000----------------------| Artificial harmonics. To do these fret the note and touch the string over the other note indicated with the index finger and pick with another finger: E|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|---------------------------1(13)-5(17)-| A|---------------------------------------| E|-1(13)--3(15)--4(16)-------------------| (notice the other note is 12 frets above) E|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|------------------------------|(4 frets above) D|------------------------------| A|------------------------------| E|-1(5)--3(7)--000-5*--000-1(5)-| E|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|-----------------------------| seven frets above D|-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------| E|-1(8)----4(11)--3(10)---1(8)-| 6. Octave chords. Spimly these are 2 note chords with the same note 1 octave above and \ below: E|-----| B|-----| G|--7--| D|--x--| (an ocave D chord) A|--5--| E|-----| Play around with them. Godsmack Awake: D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| F|---------------7/8-8-8-8-8--------------7/8-8-8-8-8-------------7/101010----| C|---------------x/x-x-x-x-x---------------x-x-x-x-x-x--------------x-x-x-x-x-| G|-0-00-0--0--5/6-6-6-6-6-0-00-0-0-5/6-6-6-6-6-0-00-0-0-5/8-8-8-8-------------| C|-0-00-0--0-----------------0-00-0--0----------------0-00-0-0----------------| Mudvayne Nnot Falling: D|-----------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------| F|-----------------------------------------1010109999--| C|-----------------------------------------xxxxxxxxxx--| G|-00300-00300-00300-00300-03--8888/7777---------------| C|-00300-00300-00300-00300-03--------------------------|

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    metal_man12: Hey guys, you are retards. This is what metal is based on. This is essentially metallica stuff. They use power chords, palmuting, and some harmonics, Pantera uses all kinds of whammy harmonics, Korn rocks, and those who say other wise dont appreciate nu metal, and sum 41(which at this point is at least punk-metal) uses otave chords, and every one of these bands uses alternate picking. Sorry guys, metal is awsome shit, but it is not so complicated when it comes to technique. Rythym - heavy palm muted power chords, lead- fast alternate picking phrygian/penatonic scales.
    If you are really conscious of what you said, please change your nickname "Metal_Man" then.
    PUNK89: u guys need to listen to real music like nirvana or the pixies or AC DC or Zed Zepplin
    Metal is also real music. ...but if you were referring to the guy who said korn rules, well then i have nothing to say
    KoRn Rule!!!!
    KoRn Rule, i'd like to see all you people who say they suck play anywhere near as good as KoRn.fckin bunch of punks. \m/(-_\m/ ROCK ON!!!
    I liked the lesson altough i just skimmed through it.. i shall go through it later.. though you should resize a few of thosew tabs as they are a bit big and confusing.. as for the beginners reading this.. read BEGINNERS lessons for gods sakes. thats whsat there there for.. don't come crying to the person just coz u dont kow how to play harmonics
    man, i get a good laugh out of every lesson i read. all i get is f- you and i hate your band. im crying with laughter. good stuff. ok article. and the dude above me is going to spaz out if someone doesnt tell him they like Korn. good luck buddy.
    the examples are terrible, seasons in the abyss is not in dropped d, it is tuned down half a step symphony of destruction is also way wrong
    KoRn Rule!!!! wrote: KoRn Rule, i'd like to see all you people who say they suck play anywhere near as good as KoRn.fckin bunch of punks. \m/(-_\m/ ROCK ON!!!
    BTW korn sucks big balls.. They covered one.. ANd I was about to shoot them all in the face with a .50 caliber sniper rifle.. God i hate them so much
    too much nu metal man, you should get more into the stuff you gave examples of in the beggining---megadeth and slayer, thats good metal
    Angelcide, if you wand death metal, then try and play some cradle of filth songs. i've been playing in a band for 5 years and we're heavy metal based. our songs are basically revolved around the same style of cradle of filth and slipknot.
    And btw.. Good classic songs like.. Master Of Puppets.. Use down picking.. =D Alternate picking is for soloing only !!! RAWRRR
    SteelDragon wrote: i have a question... why would anyone listen to death or black metal (and i know some t-bagger is gona have something good to say about this because half of the time you cant even understand them, i like the riffs and stuff but i cannot stand the retards that sing it.o yeah btw KOrn sux
    dude sup" i agree on the death metal question the answer is simple dont take a one track minded oppinion on the music in death metal core metal or any metal that you cant really understand the lyrics or screaming yelling with no tonal value is not "singing" it's vocalizing,singing would be that aguilera chick or that britney chick,thats singing metalica is vocals acdc vocals ...anything like grunting yelling screaming or muffling youre voice growling is just vocals .....its a different way of expresion the elevates the tension in the song to get a point across...im an oldschool death metal fan and i can tell you for certain someof the things said not sung were'nt pretty ....im not raggin on anybody or anything about youre coments just trying to help out..... ps no bs meant...
    Heavy metal is Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest and the likes, so why is the majority of "Heavy Metal" lessons about thrash and nu-metal. If you're going to do a heavy metal article include that type of music, if it is on nu-metal, metal-core, thrash etc. then say your article is simply about "metal" and no one can be disappointed.
    yes!!! they are not metal!!!! they are lame drop tuners and are NU METAL. it isnt metal
    Useful Info. thankz Can't wait to try and write my first metal song using these techniques
    This is a good lesson, but i agree with everyone else, korn ****ing sucks! good job with metallica and megadeth though. You really ****ed up the tunings though!
    korn isnt metal...korn is the biggest disgrace i would say to rock nice Phrgian scale tho
    well, it gives me a brief understanding about the heavier playing style.. and i'm sure it helps a lot.. but still i can see some ppl who criticise this article.. anyway, i really appreciate your effort in typing this long article.. man, it must took a lot of time.. keep it up dude n u rock!
    tabz are kinda shitty kool choice of bands btw slipknot tuning fer that done is dropped B
    xx.EVH II.xx
    since when does korn belong in a metal lesson? megadeth and slayer...THATS METAL! WTF is korn doing here tho? omfgwtfbbq! btw, symphony of destruction is played like this: e-----| b-----| g-----| d-----7--6--5---575----| a---- -7--6--5-----| e-0-0---0--0--7-----| * * * * something like that, check out the tab book
    Mustaine 4 Prez
    Not a bad article. But if this is supposed to be a metal basics lesson, why is it only nu metal (Slipknot, Korn) and thrash (Megadeth, Slayer) are covered? The basics of metal, to me, anyways, are the basics of all the basic styles, and last time I checked there were more basic styles than nu metal and thrash. It especially would come in handy for someone looking to learn the basics behind death metal, being that I myself am trying to get the hang of death metal and I cut my teeth on thrash. There are pretty much NO lessons dealing with death metal other than lessons on how to play Crystal Mountain by Death or one of many sound-alike Cannibal Corpse songs.
    The lesson is good but you only explain the VERY basic stuff of metal. Stuff like powerchords and palm muting are very easy and people don't really need lessons for those. Though I like the lesson.. Megadeth and Slayer are great examples. Chimaira and Metallica aren't my style but they fit in well. Keep up the good work but delve a little more into metal (rated 6)
    What we need here is more hard rock and scales scales, scales and more scales and then when we get through with scales we should get more scales...
    Hey guys, you are retards. This is what metal is based on. This is essentially metallica stuff. They use power chords, palmuting, and some harmonics, Pantera uses all kinds of whammy harmonics, Korn rocks, and those who say other wise dont appreciate nu metal, and sum 41(which at this point is at least punk-metal) uses otave chords, and every one of these bands uses alternate picking. Sorry guys, metal is awsome shit, but it is not so complicated when it comes to technique. Rythym - heavy palm muted power chords, lead- fast alternate picking phrygian/penatonic scales.
    there's not really heavy metal in this... mostly thrash and nu metal.. anyway... meh.. 2 stars
    man, you dont know how to play guitar.....how long have you been playin?:S
    i think its pretty kewl for begginers to learn from but the difrent tunings are complicated to beginers so its pretty stupid to use them. nice selection of bands like slayer and megadeth.
    it's good stuff for beginners... but the problem is the different tabs you give examples form, are in many different tunnings... that's kind of stupid...
    dis so confusing.....i m a freakin beginner!!!..... I DONT KNOW DIS SHIT!!!..