How To Incorporate Dubstep Elements Into A Rock Song

A step by step guideline to help inspire musicians how to come up with tasteful arrangements for writing Rock music that incorporates elements of Dubstep.

Ultimate Guitar
Have you recently discovered this new style of popular electronic music known as Dubstep? Even Rock musicians have been blown away by this new genre, and many are now wondering if it can mix well with Rock and Metal. If you don't already know, this has recently been done already by the nu metal band Korn on their 2011 album "The Path Of Totality". Korn's latest album may very well be the first instance of a new rising trend of experimentation in the Rock world. By analyzing both styles of music and which areas they have in common, I have put together a guideline that might help the curious songwriters out there come up with new ways to write Rock and Metal that can incorporate elements of Dubstep. Step 1: Click this link. Step 2: Have a nice day.

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    Hahaha, alright everyone, I have a confession. I did not expect this article to approved in the slightest. Originally I just thought it would make for a good laugh since a lot of people in the UG community have a huge disregard for Dubstep so I was just playing into their game. Just as well, I thought there were certain guidelines for getting lessons accepted, so I'm quite shocked that this got approved as well. So go ahead, downvote this if you want, I wouldn't blame you. I just don't want anyone to think I'm actually this close minded.
    Haha, great lesson, I was waiting for something terrible but you played it right at the end..
    UG- I thought it was standard to approve articles that are posted to the lessons column ton ensure some level of integrity among lessons and on occasion, news. Guess I was wrong.
    No offense, but this was a waste of time. I came her hoping to find a unique way to make my music that would appeal to the younger generation, but this? This is pointless...
    I was going to ask, "Why the hell would you want to mix dubstep and rock?" Then I clicked the link. Fucking perfect.