How to Play Chastushka

Learn about the humorous traditional Russian folk song.

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Chastushka is a humorous upbeat Russian traditional song that is very easy to master, featuring a set of three basic chords and a simple singing pattern, a four-line verse making revolving around the ABAB, ABCB, or AABB rhyme scheme.

The chords you need are Dm, Am, and E, while the lyrical content is all up to you. The first option is to find Chastushka tunes, while the second one is to be original and come up with your own stuff.

Here's a nice example:
Dm              Am
Down the river drifts an axe
E Am
From the town of Byron
Dm Am
Let it float by itself-
E Am
Fucking piece of iron!!!
Just keep in mind that the song is supposed to be satirical, humorous, or ironic, have a few drinks, and get the party started. 

You can watch a demonstration video below, or check out the tab here.

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