Introduction To The World Of Metal Pt.1

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Introduction To The World Of Metal Pt.1
Metal is a very broad genre of music and is often misunderstood, so instead of teaching death metal or thrash, I teach the basics of most metal sub-genres.


Keeping your guitar tuned is a must if you want to sound good, but changing your tuning can really change the sound of your guitar! Metal is not defined by a specific tuning. Some people say that you need to play ion certain tunings to play metal, well I call B.S. Use what ever one you prefer and you don't have to limit yourself to one tuning. Some of the tunings are: (Tunings are in order from Highest to lowest, and strings are in order from thickest (low E or 6th string) the highest (high E or first string))
  • Standard (E, A, D, G, B, E) (Alice In Chains*) *maybe
  • Drop D (D, A, D, G, B, E)
  • Half-Step Down (D#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D#) (Metallica)
  • Drop C# (C#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D#)
  • D Tuning (D, G, C, F, A, D) (Children Of Bodom)
  • Drop C (C, G, C, F, A, D)
  • C# Tuning (C#,F#, B, E, G#, C#) This is my favourite
  • Drop B (B, F# , B, E , G#, C#)
  • C Tuning (C, F, A#, D#, G#, C) (In Flames)
  • Drop A# (A#, F, A#, D#, G#, C) There are more tunings that go lower, but I'll leave those for you to discover yourself.

    Palm Muting

    Palm muting a real simple technique that gives your playing a bit more of a percussive sound. You do this by lightly muting the strings with your strumming hand. Here is an example I used from when I first learned how to palm mute. (It also works with drop tunings) (P.M.) means palm mute). This is a very popular technique across many genres.
         P.M.    P.M.    P.M.   P.M.     

    Power Chords

    There is a specific definition for power chords, but I don't know it. I think of power chords like this, a chord played over only two or three strings. Here is a few examples.
    Please note that there are WAY more power chords than this. Examine you favorite songs.
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