Metalcore And Hardcore Music

This lesson is to help all of you metalcore/hardcore music lovers who want to get a cored band started but don't quite understand the logic behind the music style.

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This lesson is to help all of you metalcore/hardcore music lovers who want to get a cored band started but don't quite understand the logic behind the music style (please note this is only to help you get ideas). 1. The palm mute rythm. All metalcore bands have a "breakdown" or just a riff that is palm mute rhythms. An example is from Avenged Sevenfold's Art Of Subconsious Illusion: |------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------| |--3-2-------------------------------------------------------| |--5-4-5-7-5-4-2-4-5-4-5-7-5--|--5-4-5-7-5-4-2-4-5-4-5--1-3--| |--5-4-5-7-5-4-2-4-5-4-5-7-5--|--5-4-5-7-5-4-2-4-5-4-5--1-3--| pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Example 2 is Atreyu's Living Each Day Like Your Already Dead: D|------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------| F|-------------------------------------------5/7--| C|--000-000-000-000-000--6P5-3333-------0---------| G|--000-000-000-000-000--6P5-3333---3/5-0---------| C|--000-000-000-000-000--6P5-3333-------0---------| pm ... ... ... ... ... . . .... . . . . . It's kinda hard to explain but you have to think out side of the box. Go for long rhythms that spread across the fretboard. 2. Hammer ons/pinch harmonics. In addition to the palm mutes, you can add in hammer ons or pinch harmonics to give your riff a destinctive edge. An example is from Bleeding Through's On Wings Of Lead (in case you don't know these guys pich harmonic a lot). *=Pinch D|-------------------|-----------------------------------------| A|-------------------|-----------------------------------------| F|-------------------|-----------------------------------------| C|--8-0-------7-0----|-----------------------------------------| G|-------------------|------------------------5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--| C|------0000-----0-0-|--8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| F|-----------------------------------------------5*--| C|---------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-------------| C|--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7----------------------------------| Example 1 for hammering is Avenged Sevenfold's Darkness Surrounding: e|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|--2-2--2h3p2-0-3---2-2--2h3p2-0-3--| A|--2-2-------------------2-2--------| D|--2-2-------------------2-2--------| pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . See, hammering/pinch harmonics add extra little things to make riffs memorable and awesome sounding (and thats what you want your music to sound like). 3. Underlaying solos. If your still reading this, my lesson must be semi-good (hurray) So, when your song has a solo (if it needs one) slow paced power chords really get the job done. Even single finger chords can sound good (and blues chords when played in the right time and position can sound great). An example is Atreyu's Lip Gloss And Black: Rhythm guitar (All notes played 4x) D|------------------------| A|------------------------| F|------------------------| C|--0-0-8-8-10-10-10-10---| Play 4x G|--0-0-8-8-10-10-10-10---| C|--0-0-8-8-10-10-10-10---| (is played under that cool solo) example 2 Avenged Sevenfold's Eternal Rest e|----------------------------------------------------------| B|------:::-:-------------------:-:::-:---------------------| G|--5---555-5-------------------5-555-5---::::::::::::::::--| D|--5---555-5---1-3----3-1-3----5-555-5---1111333344443333--| A|--3---333-3---1-3----3-1-3----3-333-3---1111333344443333--| D|--------------1-3----3-1-3--------------1111333344443333--| e|---------------------------------------------------------| 2x B|------:::-:------------------:-:::-:---------------------| G|--7---777-7------------------7-777-7---::::::::::::::::--| D|--7---777-7----3-5---5-3-5---7-777-7---3333555566665555--| A|--5---555-5----3-5---5-3-5---5-555-5---3333555566665555--| D|---------------3-5---5-3-5-------------3333555566665555--| (can't find any blues underchords but listen to a solo or something and try to blay some blues chords under it). 4. Soloing Not much I can say here. I only know like 7 scales and 2 appreigios. Scrounge this site. I'm sure you can find some. All I can say is practice here. Running through scales and ripping apart scales and piecing them together can make a realy nice fast sound (which you probably already know), using scales and appreigios together along with a few random bends makes and solo sound good. All I can say is run through scales over and over until your gonna go crazy, then do them more. So that was was lesson. I know Oswald is gonna say some smart remark about it so blow me I hope you found it helpful.

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    metalcore is a genre that is figured out by ear. almost every band finds its own sound or copies the sound of the well known bands. but there are too many different types. yet avenged sevenfold are the worst example of it, yet the have easy riffs for practicing. i figured out everything by myself, and i would never ever share how to correctly play or create riff. metalcore is a genre that is built of creativity!
    \m/CoBhC\m/ wrote: A7x and atryeu suck. ppl think they are so cool because they listen to them. its not the fault of the band that they have 20 guitars and never use them. metallica (i know they are not metal/hard-core)has like 300 and dont use them. its because companies send guitars to them for doing a tour or something or the want the band to try a new model. if u want to hear a good breakdown listne to "a gunshot to the head of trepidation" by trivium. the article basically had two bands on the examples... WTF!?!?!?! there are more bands in the world than those two peices of shit. A7x would be better if they didnt have a queer singer!! dont wear womens jeans get a pair of baggy jeans and hand rip them at the knees (my grandmother gave me a pair of $195 jeans and i did this to them... they were that preppy "abercrombie and fitch" company. they look a lot better now)any ways COBHC!! \m/
    First... since when is Metallica not metal?? Have you been smoking something? Metallica helped invent the whole thrash metal scene - they pretty much led the Bay Area rockers in the early 80's. Second, dont be dissing A7X and Atreyu. Though you may bot like their music, their guitarists are amazing. Third (And this one goes to the person who posted this lesson), you should have mentioned some stuff about harmonized leads. Most metalcore/hardcore bands are incorporating a lot of harmonized leads in their music now (A7X, God Fobid, A Dozen Furies, Trivium, etc. - they all use a lot of harmonized stuff). But the post does give the beginner a good idea of where to start and what they need to work on to get to the top - great job!
    Yuck, NONE of them bands are hardcore. TRY Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Champion, Terror, Judge ect. for some real hardcore. UNEARTH is PROBABLY the band who created the genre "metalcore", as they are the earliest band i kno to use this unique mix of hardcore and metal we are all seeing today. We all have different oponions and we can play the "genre/band game" all day. In the end its all pointless, why can we just either make it hardcore or metal instead of making millions of sub genres and then fighting on online forums untill the apocolipse. If anything all the bands in the article are metal( and dont give me any "metallica" shit as they are OLD and music DOES evolve overtime)
    oh and btw, YES, Bad Brains, Internal Affairs, and of cource, the mighty Minor Threat are all HARDCORE
    according to ug, metalcore is the same thing as hardcore and if you post about "metalcore" bands outside the hardcore forum you get warned. crap. this is a pathetic excuse for a lesson, "i dont really know this," "you need to look this up yourself" "scrounge this site," "i dont know any solos or scales..." then why did you post this crapy, 1/4th assed lesson? in all honesty, metalcore has just evolved from the sheer number of shitty bands that can't play or solo for shit and they just replace any semblance of talent with "chugga chugga" breakdowns. wow, you can play open notes. wow, you wrote an entire song using only open notes. goor for you.
    metallikatt: kudo s to you *clap clap* you should've had some lamb of god in there but i guess you got your lesson done so well done 4 stars
    i so agree
    this sucks! why dont u use examples from August Burns Red, As I lay dying,or maybe Norma Jean?!?!?!u missed alot of stuff.terror chords would have been good to have in this lesson
    thats how this kid learned how to play his tyle of hardcore maybe it will be usefull for other kids but i think you forgot the harmonics stuff but i m not being critical it could be usefull not a bad lesson
    Who cares if they're punk, emo, metal or ne thing els, its not about the way they dress, its about the music.
    \m/CoBhC\m/ wrote: tight jeans are for queers anyway to be metal u have to have like hand ripped jeans so that they are shorts below the knees and a "lamb of god" t-shirt or something.
    he's definitly a scene kid (aka Poser). and all the bands up there are metalcore, not hardcore and the lesson was kind of bad.
    no i didnt mean "metal" i love metallica i did a project on them in grade ten but any ways i meant "metalcore" should have been clearer
    Holocaust Angel
    Metalhead!@#, you must be half-retarted to think As I Lay Crying and Norma Scene are metal... Anyway, I didn't mind this lesson, but jesus christ, you can be Jimi Hendrix reincarnated and post a lesson and be flamed to Hell and back.
    who ever thinks that A7x is even metal is queer. wtf is with this guy and A7x and atreyu examples? there are more in this world than them two shitty bands.... try bands like bodom and shit thats real metal.... "a gunshot to the head of trepidation" by trivium is a good example of a break down. a break down doesnt even have to have palm muting in it :| tight jeans are for queers anyway to be metal u have to have like hand ripped jeans so that they are shorts below the knees and a "lamb of god" t-shirt or something.and for the fag that said "have 20 guitars and never use them" while it is tru that they dont use them,its not the fault of the metallica (i know they arent hardcore)has 300 and they never use them. its just that guitar companies send them to them for a tour, or because they want them to try a new model or something. the lesson was ok but like every body else a good solo isnt just scales and random bending... that sounds pretty ****in dumb. i tried it when i was a noob. make like a pulling/hammering pattern and try and play it in different keys (modifying it to suit the key) the go into a scale regression or something. any ways COBHC!!! \m/
    hardcore is a genre of music made for the guitarist not talented enough to play metal or even metalcore, and i hate using the term metalcore simply because it is hardcore with metal influences, not to mention take a glance at the scene surrounding hardcore music, i guess im just to cool for wearing womens pants, i guess the next new fad will be wearing bras and thongs.
    Random dude
    wats with people and always insulting people who are just trying to help them learn how to play stuff on the guitar . If u dont want their advice then dont take it . You dont have to tell them how they screwed up when most of you are not any better at writting articles.
    Random dude
    wats with people and always insulting thoose who are just trying to help them learn guitar. If u dont want the advice then dont take. Someone else will.
    what. the. feck. way to not teach anyone anything. and way to pick the bottom of the barrel as metalcore bands go. get bent.
    what the **** man, hardcore this hardcore that, this lesson wasn't even a lesson so why was it posted in the lessons section.
    yeah i dont considered the bands you covered hardcore. yes metalcore but either way i dont like those bands. a hardcore band to me is terror or comeback kid and reallllly old school.....minor threat. i think its funny people are arguing on here hahahaha.
    hey scare crow bitch, this was a good lesson, especially since its apparently the first one the guy's done so go back to sucking your thumb and keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the key board
    this is pretty much exactly what all metal bands play just a few dropped d riffs and some fast runs on the a string. hammer on's and pull off's
    Goddamn there are some serious jerks on this forum. Those of you who randomly flame people who are genuinely trying to help out, I ask you this, What the fk makes you so special? Show me some proof of your illustrious musical careers, and demonstrate to us your extensive knowledge of musical theory and then perhaps you may have valid reason to doubt others. Until then, shut the fk up. Nerds.
    honestly A7X and atreyu are no what near metal/hardcore. AX7 make sellout shit music and atreyu is emo
    None of that was hardcore or close to it. Hardcore are bands like black flag (some say punk, some say hardcore (punk), gorilla biscuits, inside out ect or modern stuff would be bane, have heart, verse, ceremony, lewd acts ect.
    also the dude who said atreyu is emo is an idiot. atreyu is clear cut metalcore and nothing else. you could sooner make a case for them being nu-metal than being considered emo.
    none of the examples u gave were of hardcore OR metalcore bands
    I've been wanting to change my style into a more Hardcore sound, and this started me off in the right direction, gave me a few examples to look at and even though it was short, still started off my journey, thanks for putting in the work to help out people ~_^ -K
    Ok, first off, don't be an ass, blah blah blah, he was trying to help, blah blah blah, if you hate it so much, write your own, blah, blah, blah. Now that that's over with, this lesson isn't that bad. Yeah, he did only post tab's, and yeah, maybe none of the bands he said are labeled right, but get over it! The dude time out of his life to try and help you *****s play the wonderful genre that is metalcore, and you flame the hell out of everyone. Hell, he helped me out! Get over yourselves! (hope I did those right...)
    atreyu used to be sort of hardcore like in their first cd era.. but a7x is definitely neither of those genres..
    duuuude, what about Trivium, Unearth, and Lamb of God? A7X and Atreyu are lame. if i knew about scales and crap, i'd do a metalcore lesson.
    Thrash n' Grind
    Good stuff, it's kind of depressing how geeks bash these're not critics, you're reading a farking lesson submitted by an average dude, there are ways to criticize without saying "get bent" (lawl) like black_coffin did
    i have a washburne wI64 with duel humbuckers, does anyone know if ths is a good guitar for pinch harmonics? they are the original humbuckers that came with the guitar
    it doesnt matter what kind of guitar, elements or amp you have, but the easiest way to learn it is to add some overdrive or distortion and put your tone switch down.
    Botch - We Are the Romans started the whole metalcore genre. Too bad it has all gone to hell.
    bad brains, internal affairs, minor threat...I thought that was hardcore?
    yeah i think you're lesson is okay at best, but Atreyu?pshhh...hardcore???not any chance at all and Norma Jean and Avenged Sevenfold...Norma Jean plays the same damn chords over and over...wuth virtually no lead guitar at all...seriously i don't need your guide because i already make my own hardcore/deathcore/metalcore/grindcore(really I play everything) music, and I don't actually need your help, but I just wanted to see if you had anything in common with what I do...because I'm myself, and if you heard the stuff I play you'd love it and it is actual hardcore stuff...because i play brutal stuff with influences like Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Between The Buried and Me, Underoath(which by the way is an incredible band who's mucic has changed quite a bit over the years and it shows through their albums, but maintain incredibleness through all the years.) and I could go on all day with literally I could, there are so many bands that I love...but what I listen to and play is the real hardcore music...
    Atreyu and A7x are metal, yes, but why would you want to site bands that have totally changed their styles. If you listen to Atreyu's early ep Visions (which is amazing) you will find that atreyu takes more from Gorilla Biscuits or some old school hxc band than lamb of god. I like both, but Atreyu and A7x are repeating the faults of 80's metal. These bands are saying no to screaming, and hardcore riffs, like Metallica said no to Thrash. You cant just leave a scene for your personal benefit, because thats selfish, and immoral.
    yeah i dont considered the bands you covered hardcore. yes metalcore but either way i dont like those bands. a hardcore band to me is terror or comeback kid and reallllly old school.....minor threat. i think its funny people are arguing on here hahahaha.
    by the way im in a hardcore band and im starting a side project cause yeah hardcore isnt hard to play but damnit i have fun doin it i love seeing tons of people dance their asses off to us and we are just all alike and have each others back when some douche like you comes along tryin to start shit. arrrgh metalheads. dont get me wrong i like metal but go shovin dancers cause you think its stupid. Oh and by the way just because i play hardcore no i dont suck at guitar, i listen and play many different styles. my favorite band is the beatles.
    pretty good...pretty definitely should've added left behind by slipknot..a great warmp up and good hardcore song. nice lesson tho guy thanks
    Err, this is hardcore, not nu-metal.....if you want slipknot check out the terrible heavy metal style II article. This is good, a few good riffs that point in the right direction, 4 stars.
    neat lesson man! to scarecrow: you can bend as much as you like man! if you only listen to the whole solo, if it sounds good take it, if not, try again. You should try to play something that sounds good, not something thats "good" according to some motherf***ing rules!
    oh, and Megadeth solos rock, too. Pretty good lesson, man. However, pinch harmonics... is that the one where you tap your finger over a 7th, 12th, etc fret, or is that the one where you hit the string lightly with your thumb to get that sexy screaming sound? I've forgotten....
    Yes hardcore does solo. Black Flag is one of the greatest hardcore bands, they had solos. Poison Idea, great hardcore band, has solos, Fear, great hardcore band, has solos.