Mozart Metal

Mozart's "Turkish March", also known as "Rondo Alla Turca", is full of lively classical melodies that are great to play on distorted electric guitar!

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Mozart's "Turkish March" makes a great melodic metal solo when played on electric guitar. The musical themes are lively and interesting and a lot of fun to learn and play. The whole thing is like a series of quick solos and musical themes that flow very well together. Here is part I:
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Mozart Metal Part I TAB:
The above 2 TABs get played twice in a row, before the next part:
The above 4 TABs get played twice in a row, before the next part:
The above 2 TABs get played twice in a row, before part II: The next themes in the "Turkish March" are more challenging to learn, as they involve playing many notes very quickly! Slow repetition is key here before you try to add lots of speed.
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Mozart Metal Part II TAB - Theme 1:
Theme 1 gets played twice in a row before the next 2 themes. Theme 2 TAB:
Theme 3 TAB:
Themes 2 and 3 get played together, and are also played twice in a row. In this type of music sometimes the flow of notes and timing are left for interpretation, and tempos can speed up or slow down slightly depending on the mood and emotion put into the music. Thanks for checking out these videos, I hope you enjoyed learning some Mozart Metal. More vids coming soon on my YouTube Guitar channel and guitar lessons website.

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    lsiten to this by far the best cover if you dont want to listen to the whole thing (but you should) the melody starts at around 2:40
    This. I was actually going to post this. My band supported Divlje Jagode in February this year. Amazing.
    I like this one
    But i think a lot of classical music covers are bad, because people just play the original piece note by note. If you want to do it good you have to give own twist to it, use your own interpretation of the classical piece.
    The idea of metal Mozart just doesn't appeal to me. I'm just going to go listen to some actual Mozart...
    This isn't metal at all. Just because it's played on an electric guitar with distortion doesn't make it metal.
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    Indeed, this is just Mozart played on a guitar. The 'Metal' part was probably just there trick people in to reading this crap.
    A lot of classical music sounds like a good metal solo with distortion. Metal always depends on a heavy distorted tone if metal was only clean channel we wouldn;t call it metal
    So the fact that metal depends on a distorted guitar tone means everything with a distorted guitar tone is metal? Great logic theremight as well say Avril Lavigne songs are metal.
    what exactly would have made this "metal" in your opinion? A band to back him?
    I don't think this piece's chord progression is disposed to metal, so basically nothing. That said, Akira Kajiyama's take below could partially pass as neoclassical metal, but only because, as the poster pointed out, he added his own twist. The rest of these covers are basically the original piece played with hard rock instrumentationmetal is more than that.
    You could play the melody exactly as the original, but then you'd have to add the band, and up the speed to a slayer-like 214BPM.
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    I wouldn't say NOTHING could make this metal, though in most cases yes, a band to back him would help a great deal and possibly changes to the key and composition to some degree. As it stands, this is just a cover on an electric guitar with distortion. If this is metal then so are Blink-182, Kasabian, Oasis, Sex Pistols and a whole bunch of obviously not metal bands/artists. In regards of metal having classical influences, well, so what? It's an influence, that's where it ends. Metal is also influenced by blues and punk but you wouldn't throw Fear Factory into any of those genres would you?
    lol good point a lot of ppl think like that. this isn't actual metal but its a good riff to know. ive been teaching my friend some things and this is great for him to practice.
    I liked the lesson. It might've been a sloppy cover but you reconize the melody and the tabs makes it a nice tune to learn in the afternoon. Haters are irrelevant, my scentence rhymes.
    man this is actually worse than the Stevie article. Do the editors not review these, or can anybody just post giant lumps of shit and get away with it?
    Whats so bad about this article? I found it very informative and useful and his playing style is decent too
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    The best part about this article are the videos posted in the comments. The article itself isn't worth the effort reading.
    Man, everyone always rips on this guy when he posts. I agree that his timing could use some work, and perhaps he could embellish the accents on a few notes. But everyone seems to rip on him cause he doesn't have pro sound, or isn't a guitar god. You don't have to be a pro to post a simple vid to help others. Seriously. Posting videos of a professional cover of the song (which dont actually show a person playing it) isn't really going to help any one.
    Playing something well shows you know what you're doing, thus making your lesson more credible.
    I don't disagree that playing it well gives you more cred, but what I am trying to say is that just because he isn't a pro doesn't mean he can't try to help others. I'm not a pro, but that in-and-of-itself shouldn't prevent me from trying to help others. If we are going to critique this guy, we should keep it constructive (Though I realize that UG probably isn't the best place to look for this). Maybe I just feel bad for him, cause every post this kid has put up, the community has just torn his arse apart without being constructive.
    A Lot of negativity on here but I have been practicing this with a metronome and seen improvement in my picking skills. Nice lesson. Thanks.
    Hey nice work. Was pretty easy to pick up. Sounds cool. Thanks again.