Mozart Metal

author: gitbad date: 12/03/2012 category: music styles

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Mozart Metal
Mozart's "Turkish March" makes a great melodic metal solo when played on electric guitar. The musical themes are lively and interesting and a lot of fun to learn and play. The whole thing is like a series of quick solos and musical themes that flow very well together. Here is part I:
Mozart Metal Part I TAB:
The above 2 TABs get played twice in a row, before the next part:
The above 4 TABs get played twice in a row, before the next part:
The above 2 TABs get played twice in a row, before part II: The next themes in the "Turkish March" are more challenging to learn, as they involve playing many notes very quickly! Slow repetition is key here before you try to add lots of speed.
Mozart Metal Part II TAB - Theme 1:
Theme 1 gets played twice in a row before the next 2 themes. Theme 2 TAB:
Theme 3 TAB:
Themes 2 and 3 get played together, and are also played twice in a row. In this type of music sometimes the flow of notes and timing are left for interpretation, and tempos can speed up or slow down slightly depending on the mood and emotion put into the music. Thanks for checking out these videos, I hope you enjoyed learning some Mozart Metal. More vids coming soon on my YouTube Guitar channel and guitar lessons website.
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