Nick's Jazz Series. Part 1

Part 1 of this series deals w/ the diatonic 7th chords in Major (Ionian) & Minor (Aeolian) modes.

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All right, here we go... Lets take a look at some root-position 7th chords from the C Major & A Minor scales. Things Worth knowing from the get-go: -7th chords are to Jazz what power-chords are to heavy metal, they are the the genre's "bread & butter Chords" so to speak. -Before we try to deal with some of the more common Jazz Chord progressions, it would make sense just to get some of the chord fingerings under our finger-tips. -Every complete 7th Chord has four parts/members we need to be aware of 1.) a Root 2.) a 3rd 3.) a 5th 4.) a 7th *As many of you most certainly already know, 7th chords are simply Major or minor triads plus one more member (which we call 7ths) -There are 5 types of of "7th Chords", they are 1.)Major 7th Chords= Root+Major 3rd+Perfect 5th+Major 7th 2.)Minor 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Perfect 5th+Minor 7th 3.)Dominant 7th Chords= Root+Major 3rd+Perfect 5th+Minor 7th 4.)Half-Diminished 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Dim5th+Minor 7th 5.)Fully Diminished 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Dim5th+Dim7th For simplicity's sake, lets restrict ourselves to what are called "root position" versions of these chords for the time being. These are the Root-position 7th chords from the C-major scale, I will give them to you with the members stacked from lowest to highest in the following order (Root,5th,7th,3rd).
So for any Major Key, the 1 Chord is Major7th 2 Chord is Minor7th 3 Chord is Minor7th 4 Chord is Major7th 5 Chord is Dominant7th 6 Chord is Minor7th 7 Chord is 1/2 Diminished7th And for any Minor Key, the 1 Chord is Minor7th 2 Chord is 1/2 Diminished7th 3 Chord is Major7th 4 Chord is Minor7th 5 Chord is Minor7th 6 Chord is Major7th 7 Chord is Dominant7th ~This concludes part 1 of Nick's Jazz Series

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    Hmmm.... In regards to the 7 chords in the minor keys, isn't the 7th raised similarly to the harmonic minor scale in the V and vii chords? Like isn't the fifth a dominant seven chord in both keys and the seventh a fully diminished seventh in minor keys? I took a theory class on tonal harmony and they had the same chords posted for the major keys but for the minor keys they recommend: 1 Chord is Minor 7th 2 Chord is Half Diminished 7th 3 Chord is Major 7th 4 Chord is Minor 7th 5 Chord is Dominant 7th 6 Chord is Major 7th 7 Chord is Fully Diminished 7th I know this is the way it is in classical standards because of the use of the leading tone to the root and would this apply to jazz as well or should the 5 chord be a minor 7th and the 7 chord be the dominant? If the later, is it because the "minor key" we are playing in is really a relative mode of a different key or should jazz minor keys be treated like their own key?