Nick's Jazz Series. Part 1

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All right, here we go... Lets take a look at some root-position 7th chords from the C Major & A Minor scales. Things Worth knowing from the get-go: -7th chords are to Jazz what power-chords are to heavy metal, they are the the genre's "bread & butter Chords" so to speak. -Before we try to deal with some of the more common Jazz Chord progressions, it would make sense just to get some of the chord fingerings under our finger-tips. -Every complete 7th Chord has four parts/members we need to be aware of 1.) a Root 2.) a 3rd 3.) a 5th 4.) a 7th *As many of you most certainly already know, 7th chords are simply Major or minor triads plus one more member (which we call 7ths) -There are 5 types of of "7th Chords", they are 1.)Major 7th Chords= Root+Major 3rd+Perfect 5th+Major 7th 2.)Minor 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Perfect 5th+Minor 7th 3.)Dominant 7th Chords= Root+Major 3rd+Perfect 5th+Minor 7th 4.)Half-Diminished 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Dim5th+Minor 7th 5.)Fully Diminished 7th Chords= Root+Minor 3rd+Dim5th+Dim7th For simplicity's sake, lets restrict ourselves to what are called "root position" versions of these chords for the time being. These are the Root-position 7th chords from the C-major scale, I will give them to you with the members stacked from lowest to highest in the following order (Root,5th,7th,3rd).
So for any Major Key, the 1 Chord is Major7th 2 Chord is Minor7th 3 Chord is Minor7th 4 Chord is Major7th 5 Chord is Dominant7th 6 Chord is Minor7th 7 Chord is 1/2 Diminished7th And for any Minor Key, the 1 Chord is Minor7th 2 Chord is 1/2 Diminished7th 3 Chord is Major7th 4 Chord is Minor7th 5 Chord is Minor7th 6 Chord is Major7th 7 Chord is Dominant7th ~This concludes part 1 of Nick's Jazz Series
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