Rhythm Guitar Riff Basics - Part One: Rock & Funk

Learn how riffs are created in the styles of rock and funk...

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Rhythm Guitar Riff Basics - Part One: Rock & Funk
Riffs are one of the most popular ideas studied on guitar. Whether you're working on Ozzy's "Crazy Train," or The Beatles' "Day Tripper," riffs are fun to learn and even more fun to play.

What makes a riff interesting? And, what can a guitarist do to start building their own cool sounding riffs? In this two-part episode of the GuitarBlog, I'm going to discuss a collection of different riffs from popular styles like; Rock, Country, Blues and Funk.

Part One (Rock & Funk)

Example one focuses on an open-string "Rock Riff" in the key of "E." The riff is built off of the 6th string and applies ghost notes, scale lines, double-stops, hammer-on's and pull-off's. The turnaround for the riff also includes a "Hendrix influenced" Dominant 7th (#9) altered chord.

Example two uses a "Funky" 16th-note feel to generate a groove that moves across a, "V7-IV7-I7" progression in the key of "G Blues." The dominant chords are connected by way of funky single-note line phrases formed from a combination of both the "G Major" and the "G Minor" Pentatonic scales.

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