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Discover the harmonies for quickly achieving that unique, "Spanish Guitar Sound."

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Spanish guitar playing is often a big part of the old "spaghetti western" movies. You'll hear plenty of those Spanish nylon acoustic lines played in the background of scenes from many an old western. And this guitar sound certainly works fantastic to fill up the overall impression of each of those movie scenes set in the old southwest.

The "Spanish sound" is generally quite simple to study since it will tend to employ the classical (nylon string) guitar in very similar ways. These "Spanish" musical pieces will tend to follow a fairly common group of harmonic movements as well. This will primarily include the tonality of minor key sounds, (with a focus upon natural minor, harmonic minor, and the Phrygian mode).

These Spanish flavored pieces will generally employ a common chord progression movement with mixed major and minor triad use. These triad chord ideas will tend to get combined against both dominant 7th and diminished (both diminished triad and diminished 7th) chords.

Spanish guitar is most definitely an easily recognizable guitar style. And, once a guitarist has made a study of it, they can simply follow the popular harmonies to achieve that unique "Spanish guitar effect." Enjoy!

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