How To Make Your Song Flow

The key things to writing a song thats from the heart, but that's also musically correct.

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Okay there is no right and wrong as long as it sounds good. But there are so many things that can go wrong while you create your riffs/chorus'/solo's, etc... I know many know this but almost everyone falls into a rutt that they have a hard time digging themselves out of. I've listed some tips to get your songs sounding good. Quite usually the easiest part to creating a song is the chorus, to start a song it's one of the easiest places to start from. It's really simple. I have no clue how that sounds cause I just made it up but whatever it works. Now to get a riff or interlude, bridge, whatever you want, simple look at the frets used. Say your chorus was: -2-2-------2-2-2--| -0-0-------0-0-0--| -0-0-------0-0-0--| -2-2-2-0-x-2-2-2--| -2-2-2-0-x-2-2-2--| -0-0-2-0-x-0-0-0--| I can think of a decent sounding riff just by looking at the single chord. ------2--------2----------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| ----2---2-----2-2----222-----2--| --2---------2-----2-----222---2-| 0---------0---------0------00---| Now that's really simple but it works fine. See how you don't even have to change your finger positioning, the art of simplicity. To make your song sound more interesting and more complex, it's always best to use as many diferent strings as possible. Try to keep your notes off of just one string, incoporate as many into it as you can. Now with somethign a little more complex your imagination has to come out. And no two people will create exactly the same thing out of it, so it's a win win situation. -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -5-2-7-2-9-7-5-2-3-5-7-9-3-2---------------| -5-2-7-2-9-7-5-2-3-5-7-9-3-2---------------| -3-0-5-0-7-5-3-0-1-3-5-7-1-0---------------| Once again I don't have my guitar with me so thats just a guess but meh... So you can mix it up by going: ---------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------| ---5--2--7--2--9--7--5--2--3--5--7--9--3--2--| --5--2--7--2--9--7--5--2--3--5--7--9--3--2---| -3--0--5--0--7--5--3--0--1--3--5--7--1--0----| This could be a section like a prechorus so that it sounds different but is theoretically alll the same. This way it doesn't get too old or overplayed. To mix it up even more add in some bits to make it into another verse riff or just to make it different sounding. --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| ---5----2----7----9----7----5--2-x-2--| --5-5--2-2--7-7--9-9--7-7--5-5-2-x-2--| -3--3-0--0-5--5-7--7-5--5-3--3-----0--| Now its a completely different verse but it carries on the rhythm that you estalished before. Once again its the same but different. Some people call this style cheap or lazy because your barely moving your fingers, but hell it sounds great and works good, plus gives it a different feel then your speed crazy riffs. It's an easy solution to slow playing, a steady flow, or just a resting chance between other more complicated riffs. Now I'm not a pro at solos.. I haven;t made one that's remotely good yet, i'm still trying. But you can make one fairly easily, at least for the base. Since before the notes on the top of the chords were -5-2-7-2-9-7-5-2-3-5-7-9-3-2--| So to make the base add them to a higher number but follow the pattern like so: --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| -10-7-12-7-15-7-15h13p10-12-10--10----| ------------------------------11--10--| --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| | This is where you can improvise | Now add in a little change for speed and a good change that still remotely follows our pattern: -10-7---------------------------10h7p10--| ------11-8-----------------11-8----------| -----------12-9-------9-12---------------| ----------------13-10--------------------| -----------------------------------------| -----------------------------------------| Lousy solo I know but it should get you the point. I'm not the pro at it anyways but yeah. Now thats just using the structure of the chorus chords. Anyways if it were the UG Team doing this I'm sure it'd be better but I don't think they have so I thought I'm bored why not, so here it is. To make your intro there is really no pattern to follow. it might fit loosely to your song but there's really not much need. Sometimes parts of it can be subsituted in for outros or interludes, so it shoudl be fairly creative and shouldn't be so straight forward that it gets repetitive *coughs* Seven Nation Army. Seven Nation Army is a clever song but they use that damn intro to much. However it's a perfect example of the point I'm trying to show you. The chorus is just the intro in chords, and the solo is the intro on higher strings with a few variations, it's really a simple process. Just get the awesome rhythm and the rest is paved. Anyways that should get you the point.

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    well nothing new here but an even better song to look at this kind of "flowing" is hardest button to buttob by the white stripes
    You need a song with stage prescence, not just flow. How you play on stage is more important than anything.
    i reckon it was a pretty good article, I think like u think. When I make songs, I often find chords that sound cool together, then break them up and play different riffs using those chords. I reckon I sound awesome!!! lol nice article and my post is in almost exactly 1 year since the 1st post...not that I care...but i's just me being observant
    ok my mistake its actually OVER a year since the 1st not so observant...
    there's too many things that can go wrong with just playing anything along with the powerchords music theory wise... meaning its probably going to sound off
    oh cool 44th- WHO THE FUCK CARES? NOBODY THATS WHO. Decent article tho, ive been lookin for somethin like this
    Hey this song is like a MOOSE. it is good but the fact that you could assume you could gamble the sounds of the guitar made it a little bit lame LOL good job anyway
    Was a good article but needed to be more thought out, it was a bit rushed
    all right #4, thats the best ive gotten. anyway, eh.. it was alright, u had good ideas, but face it, if that were a song, it'd be boring as hell to play.
    wow 6 personal best, yeah i agree that wasnt the greatest of articles, but still pretty helpful
    ^ OMFG all of you faggots, y du u care which number post u are!!!! get a ***ing life!! Average article, knew most of it but people will find it useful im sure
    i dont like working with "ladder"(at least thats the swedish name for it) i usually make the melodies in my band and there are alot better, probably not easier, ways. the only thing i can tell you is "scales", penta works fine, but try different
    ^***th what thehellman, u guys need to freakin say somethin or what. Well the article is okay but its more about creativity than following a pattern, more rythem than what notes you play(aslongas they fit) thats what i think.
    lost harmonics
    i want some one to discuss old rock, man. Those were the days when solos were solos not a couple notes. people like stevie ray vaughan and kirk hammett who devoloped wild solos. Can some one write on how they created their beautiful riffs?
    its a good article, the only thing is tho is that with the examples u used some of the lyrics could be over exaggeratted hardcore, but all in all its a good article
    good article, but u should have at least mentioned the construction of intros,bridges,etc using scales or modes and octaves and shit like that. At least for solos. yeah cuz you really do need to know your scales and modes inside out to make a really good solo. But what you said was pretty much what bands nowadays do anyways
    Alright article. Could have been a lot more helpful and in depth into some areas like stunt mentioned above.
    A good intro and flow from the intro then from heavy riffs to slow riffs, can sometimes be hard
    I think "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer is a pretty good all around song. Good intro, chorus, solo, etc...