Key Lesson 1

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First we will be learning about Key. Key is the key to anything in music. If you are off key, then you willl sound like a dying cow in labor. Key is the fundamental in song writing, soloing, singing, and general guitar playing. Cycle of fiths (Major key) The cycle of fiths are very helpful. Here is the cycle of fiths. Stick with me and we will get into it pretty quickly. Lets start with the Key of C. The key of C has no sharps and no flats so therefore the notes would be: C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C. After this, to find a key with one flat, you count up 5 letters. So lets count: C(1), D(2), E(3), F(4), G(5). So the key with one sharp and no flats is the key of G.Here is a simple way to determine which notes are sharped or flat. Lets stick with sharps for now. Whatever note is before the told key is sharped. For examle, right now we are in the key of G. The letter before G is F. So therefore, the F is sharped and is made to F#. This is the concept. We will get back into this later. Sharp concept (continuing the Cycle of fiths) Ok so you are familiar with what we just did with the Key of G. Hopefully you understand how we got the F#. Well now we will go as far up as the key of B. Ok so lets go up another key from the key of G. By the way, this is how the cycle of fiths goes in order as far as sharps. Key of C:0 sharps, 0 flats. G:1 sharp(F#) 0 flats. D:2 sharps(F#,C#) 0 flats. A: 3 sharps (F#, C#, G#). E: 4 sharps (F#,C#, G#, D#) and the key of B: 5 sharps (F#, C#, G#, D#, A#). Those are the sharps of the major keys. So the same method applies: The sharp is the letter before the told key.For example, the key of D, the C# is sharped because it is the LETTER BEFORE THE TOLD KEY which is D. Now whenever you go onto the next key, you keep the sharps. For example, in the Key of D, We know that the C is sharped. We also know that the previous key was the Key of G which contains or has an F# in it. So in the key of D, you keep the F# and the C#. So this is the concep for the MAJOR keys. Flat keys This is very difficult to learn, harder than sharp keys because people barely play in the flat keys. The concept is very similar. Actually almost the same except instead of counting up 5 letters to find the next key, you count up 4 letters o find the next key. Also since it is a flat cycle, after the key of F which is the first key in this cycle, the rest of the letters are flat. So lets take the key of F. The notes in the Key of F are: F,A,B FLAT,C,D,E,F. Notice that B flat? An easy way to know the next key is that, that B flat indicates the next key. So the next key would be B Flat. Now we are in the key of B Flat and as far as the flats go, u start at B Flat and count up 4 letters and there is ur flat. Now you try it..................................... Ok you should've got E flat for the 2nd flat in the key of B Flat. So since there is an E Flat, the next key is E Flat. Now start at E flat and count up 4 letters. There should be an A Flat in the key of E flat. So therefore A flat is also the next key. So that is the concept. If you understand and now this, give yourself not just a pat on theback but go to McDonalds or something to celebrate. SERIOUSLY! This is one of the hardest thing to learn in music. You are the rare kind but very good kind of musician now. Many musicians do not know one bit about theory. I do apoligize, however, if I did not explain this right. Again please contact me and let me know how I helped you. Stay safe and God Bless!!! I will post stuff about Reading music because musicians who read music are the musicians who actually get jobs playing music. Good Luck and feel free to email me for any questions or comments at
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