The Talk Part 1 - Band Members

Something I decided to do its like a talk show.

Ultimate Guitar
I just wanna talk about the members of your own bands. There is the Lead Singer who obviously sings but there are bands/groups that are famous without singing but anyway as a former singer it's important if you or someone else can sing good and they right for the type of music so yea sorry if this was short on Lead Singers. But lets continue with the Bass Player. I play bass and drums but I'm more of a drummer but anyway the bass to me is like the brother to the drums they are both important but don't be an asshole and say since bass players are easy to play and are important I'm gonna the most famous one. Stop it's not true and as a bass and drummer the bass is easier than guitar by a little but its still tough and needs practice. Lets start with what alot of you might like and wanna hear more and that is Guitars. As a former guitar player (I gave up because it was hard but I'm decent) they are what makes the music like the bass they are what makes you feel like you just took LSD but don't get excited. Now my favorite and last thing I wanna mention and that's The Drums. I'm a drummer big time its what brings the beat to the music and some might say its rare to find a drummer NOT REALLY its rare to find a bassist but you have chances of finding a drummer than a bassist. That's all I have to say I will right more articles - Part 2 will come out the next day or next week. This is my first doing this but if you want me to talk about things or you have questions go ahead see you soon.

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    I haven't a clue as to what the point of this article is. Your grammar is really off in some places too, which doesn't help.
    Im just doing this for the hell of it dont worry it gets better and sry 4 the grammers
    What's your point, was this just to ramble, cause there's something called the pit for that.
    Most of the guitar players I know started playing bass to get better at guitar. Also, I have found that after years of playing bass, playing guitar was so easy and it needed almost no strength or stamina to play. If you think bass is easy to play, then you need to be around some better bassists, or play a more complex bass line.