What Distortion Pedal is Right For You

What kind of box should i use? That question pops up alot with the guitar players of a band. First of all you have to know what kind of music you want to play.

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What kind of box should i use? That question pops up alot with the guitar players of a band. You could get the metal zone, a muff, or mesa-boogies. First of all you have to know what kind of music you want to play. Each box goes with a different style. If you want a punkish kind of sound you could try the mesa-boogies. This helps get that rich crunch you want out of your guitar. This works great with rythme and blink 182 kind of likes like in dammit. Another option is to use a metal zone. Personaly i like these boxes but they dont go good live. When you use these live they create a real shrill kind of sound. Even if you adjust it a million times you wont get it right. These boxes are really good for practicing on a practice amp. You can get a quiet heavy power chord but not loud. Also with these boxes you have to be carefull of the distortion volume setting. You dont want to turn it up too high because you will damage your amp. I blew out a fender 15 in. speaker with one of these. Now every time i use it on my jazz chorus i get nervous. One more choice of destortion pedal is a muff stage presence. This works like a panadoris box but you can use it as a stomp pedal. This goes great live. At my bands past gig we used it and had a good heavy solid distortion with no feed back sound. You can also get any sound out of it just with one stomp. It is like having a fender twin deluxe settings but in one box. So when you are in the store looking for any kind of pedal know what music you want, know what speakers you are going to run it through, and get ready to have a loud time. Thank you. Rember there is no right box or pedal, there is only a right decision. O ya if you have any questions comments or want to know about more destortion pedals email me at Lordofthestrings@verison.net

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    Emenius Sleepus
    y not use your amp distortion? most of them, if they are over 30 watt, do come with at least two channels...distortion pedals are useful in case if your amp's distortion really sux or you have to manually switch the channels or the amp only has clean channel (which is a case for both small and big amps). Personally, I think distortion pedals are a waste of time unless you are going for different tones than that typical of your amp.
    i rate the BOSS Metal zone II it has a good range of EQ settings to tweak it right and combined with a good amp and guitar it really does shine.
    im surprised the Line6 Uber Metal (Tonecore Series) wasnt mentioned I just got one and it takes awhile but it has better high-end than a Boss Metal Zone and the metal zone doesnt sound too great if you hit the really highs
    i use the DOD Grunge Distortion....very good, except the input and output jacks losen easily.
    Dude metal zones are not what they are cut out to be. It is great for practicing with, but stick one in a venue. I have tried, but you can never bring the mid out on it. You can get the guys at the mixing boothe to fix it either. So the entire gig your stick with this woofing kinda 'whawhahwha' sound, without being able to make out whats actually being played. And a solo? God, you can forget it..YOU wont even be able to hear it. But, once again its a GREAT pedal to practice alone with, i just suggest something a little more 'brighter' so you can bring that mid out a bit.
    Emenius Sleepus
    lol actually I don't... I don't like White Stripes. Ok, distortion pedals are useful in SOME instances, but it's frustrating that a lot of people don't even look at their amp's second channel. Oswald, go suck yourself off cuz my mum is too good for you. For everyone else, though, read frigginjerk's article about pedals, it sums it up well. If you can't operate your amplifier controls with at least some sense then no pedal is gunna save you, mother***er
    Emenius Sleepus mother is sucking me right now. Pedals are used to geat a more precis sound. But you are one of those who listen to White Stripes.....
    to get the best distortion and other effects you might want to consider an amp that comes with a footswitch too. some amps like the Line 6 Flexitone series, have a great distortion and a ton of awe some effects.
    u can get mesa pedals??... neways my friend uses a metal zone live and it sounds great... im gettin a me-50 n 2 months
    i have an akai shred - o - matic... it's the best ive ever used... i love it so much, you can choose between diode or tube driven distortion or a mix... it even has a volume/overdrive changing pedal on it... *drool*
    The Zoom 606 multi effects pedal is very good. U have ur basic distortion, thern variations thereafter (over 30 effects in total). With it there are also blues, jaz, heavy rock, lighter rock, acoustic simulators. The whole 9yards. Under a hundred pounds, very good buy. It beats having a pannel of different pedals ne way. It can be a bit fiddley changiong from on effect to the other, but its jus a case of learning. Also it works well with both bass and 6-string.
    all at the same time? that must hurt a little. oh and don't ever get a marshall jackhammer distortion pedal- battery life= 0.5 seconds - sound = not good- too fuzz - price = rip-off ?80-90
    were called 8th OVERDRIVE only because we tend to over drive the sound system! we blown so many speakers it's funny that we have money. im the only gurl that is willing to be with 7 other guys!
    for something thats relatively cheap, you might want to try danelectros...they come in tons of different effects and dont cost much
    hate to bump an old thread...what is a better choice between the Ibanez DS7 and the Boss DS1?I'm looking for a metallica-like sound...or just a sound that doesn't have too much bass.