5 Minor Pentatonic Scale Hacks Every Guitar Player Should Know

This video teaches guitar players five unconventional things you can do with the minor pentatonic scale. Let's go!

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5 Minor Pentatonic Scale Hacks Every Guitar Player Should Know
The pentatonic scale is every guitar player's favorite tool. It sounds good in most musical contexts, is super easy to memorize, and holds tons of cool usable licks that are simple to learn.

That being said, it can sound quite predictable and sometimes make your solo sound like any others. Today's lesson will teach you five super simple tricks you can use to make those pentatonic lines sound fresh and exciting!

Hack 1: Combining Positions

This one is very simple but can produce interesting lines that may not sound like your typical pentatonic lick. The idea is to take a few adjacent pentatonic positions and combine them together to create new shapes. Forcing yourself to stick to those newly built shapes will help you come up with new musical lines.

Hack 2: Bending Approach

The idea here is to take a simple pentatonic position, and approach each of its note with a half step bend. This technique will give your lines a cool Jeff Beck sound and make your licks sound more organic and less predictable.

Hack 3: Pentatonic Modes

This hack is one of my all times favorites. The idea here is to extract from full modes all the relative pentatonic scales. In the shown G Dorian example we can use G minor pentatonic, A minor pentatonic and D minor pentatonic.

Hack 4: Outside Pentatonic

This trick will help you add an interesting fusion sound to your phrasing. The idea is to slide in and out of the given pentatonic scale a half step above or below.

Hack 5: Chromatic Pentatonic

This idea consists in adding chromatic passages between each notes within each strings of a standard minor pentatonic position. Think in terms of rhythm when you improvise using this togged a very cool effect.

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    Cool ideas, all now stolen for my personal use.. Probably stop calling everything a 'hack' tho..
    Just came here to say how much I dislike the use of the word "hack" in this context, but someone else already took care of that. Bye!
    I liked it when the word hacking meant breaking into a computer system. Now these insufferable retards use it to replace the word "tip". I guess it's one of those buzzwords that dumb people use to make them sound smarter than they are.
    juliewilliams11 · Nov 09, 2016 07:10 PM
    You can rip on this guy all you want or you can apply the valuable information here to elevate your guitar skills to a new level.
    You know, if you get over a fucking word, there´s a cool lesson here! Thanks, I enjoyed it and I don´t care about some word. I care about the sounds!
    gane102 · Nov 09, 2016 09:35 AM
    stokemalip · Nov 10, 2016 08:39 AM