Am Pentatonic in Under 20 Seconds

My job as a guitar teacher means lots of talking, lots of communicating and lots of patience. Sometimes I want to do none of that to teach something.

Ultimate Guitar
Arguably the most important and useful scale for contemporary guitarists. Get good at it, and then get better at it. Shift it up and down frets to change the key. 

Moving it back towards the headstock will make each note go down the chromatic alphabet: A (5th fret) G# (4th fret) G (3rd fret)

And the opposite for moving up towards your pickups: a (5th fret) A# (6th fret) B (7th fret) etc.

But here's the FASTEST video that covers it.

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    OK, but anybody could just have googled Am pentatonic and found all the different positions of the scale. I wouldn't really call this a lesson.