David Gilmour - Scale Concepts with Andrew Wasson

This week on the GuitarBlog I'm covering the scales used by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website.

Q). I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and of course that means I'm also a fan of David Gilmour's guitar style. He plays extremely smooth and I was wondering if you could break it down in a guitar lesson what kind of scales he uses. While doing this, I was hoping that you could also demonstrate how he applies the scale shapes with maybe a few "Gilmour style" guitar lick examples. Thanks!
Reid - Lincoln, Nebraska USA

A). The approach used by David Gilmour for the bulk of his scale ideas, is largely based upon the Blues scale and Minor Pentatonic, with a lot of reference to the Major 2nd degree from the Dorian mode. It's quick to hear on many of his solos, such as the one he plays in the Pink Floyd song, "Yet Another Movie." That solo is largely pentatonic thrashing for the most part, but it's also full of feeling. And, when we analyze the way he uses the; Blues, his bends and the obvious strong connection he has toward players like; Clapton, Jeff Beck and the Muddy Waters & John Lee Hooker sound... we end up with an instantly recognizable tone only associated to the David Gilmour style.

LESSON: One of the unique sounds applied within the lead guitar parts of Pink Floyd's music are the soaring melodic guitar solos played with unique rhythms and great tone. David Gilmour has a sound that is instantly recognizable. While a majority of Gilmour's scale approach comes from the Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale, he also favors the use of the major 2nd from the Dorian mode.

VIDEO: David Gilmour - Scale Concepts

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In the video, I cover both the scale patterns on the neck, and I demonstrate examples of how the scales could be used to produce the sound heard on all of those classic Pink Floyd albums. Enjoy!

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Andrew Wasson is a 1992 Graduate of Hollywood California's Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.). He has operated his Canadian Music School; Creative Guitar Studio, for the last 20+ years... teaching thousands of guitarists both in studio sessions, and through his popular YouTube Channels and websites. Hundreds of FREE lessons are available at www.andrewwasson.com.

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    David Gilmour: Demystified. I still consider "Marooned" to be an all-time favorite (in addition to the classics of course), but Andrew really peels back the curtain on the mechanics of Gilmour's sound. (You're just gonna have to develop the feeling, on your own ;o)