Don't Learn Chords - Learn Scales!

In this lesson we go back to the old analogy of language in music.

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Don't Learn Chords - Learn Scales!

In this lesson we go back to the old analogy of language in music.

Chords and scales are the same in my opinion. Let me explain:

The alphabet is the scale. From the scale you take notes and make licks and from licks you make musical statements. That is why chords can be linked to the musical alphabet, the scale.

We are going to take a scale and extract chords from it in a different way. We just need to take any number of notes from the scale and play them at the same time.

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    I can see where you are coming from with this but really its a bit short sighted to suggest people learning should just stick to scales. The vast majority of people learning guitar are doing so to play songs. It is after all the end goal. Not learning chords is counter intuitive to learning songs. 
    Well, you have to keep on mind the audience David Wallimann caters to. It's not really your average guitar playing Joe but more someone who wants to understand the instrument and music in a deeper way, somebody who wants to write guitar instrumentals. For this type of player, this lesson is gold.
    In which case they have already learnt chords and the title is completely misleading and pointless.
    He explains that he purposely chose that title because whether you learn chords or scales, it does not matter how you do it just as long as you do it. 
    He chose that title to clickbait, really, let's not beat around the bush.
    Of course I did, the goal of a title is to get viewers to watch a video. As long as its relevant to the subject (which it is) I don't see where the issue is.
    Nothing wrong with it, just some people don't seem to understand that, or think there's some greater meaning behind the title.